Monday, August 30, 2010

Hey there! Its Mie from DIAMOND. Here to do my very first review.
From Kira Kira's facebook.
This place is called Kira Kira Photo Sticker. It is a Japanese style photo booth shop that has a lot of the new and popular machines straight from Japan!

They have a variety of machines to choose from; each allowing you to decorate the set of photos after you take them.
Purikura Booths
Along with the photo booths, Kira Kira now also has a Nail Art section where their stylist will hook you up right before you hit the machines. At the front desk they sell various cute Japanese deco items including, bows, plushies, nails, phone charms etc.

Kira Kira popularity has grown over the months. August 28th 2010 marking their very first anniversary!!
They have thrown various parties with help from Diamond Gal-sa and Tune in Tokyo.

Located in the City of Industry Kira Kira's prices for machines are all $10 while the merchandise ranges from $2-$40+
Be sure to check out the place!!! Add their face book provided in the link above to keep updated on their in-store events.