Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do it like Barbie!

Beauty's not dead and neither am I.
I hope you all have been well, I need to catch up on all the blogs I follow!
Have you ever been scared that your not receiving packages from sponsors? I hate the feeling of making the sponsors think I am taking their products and running. 
Seems like that has been my issue lately...mail people stop losing my stuff please and thank you! Well at least one package found its way to my place. And i'm glad it did because these are the most comfortable lenses EVER!!!

Today's post is sponsored by
They sent me a pair of circle lenses of my choice which was very kind of them. I figured this would be the best opportunity to try out some pink lenses. This time I picked out the Japan Barbie Eye Super Nudy (16 diameter)

They were so nice! In the package came
The lenses,
 Piggy Contact Lens Case,
a DARIYA Hair Magic Sheet
and a Thank You Note. 

It was the first time I ever received my lenses in a small box. I think the packaging itself definitely deserves an A++. Although i'm probably just saying that because its pink and sparkly. The color of the lenses is a bit brighter than my photo above. The pink is very apparent in person.

With flash

Without flash.

With flash.

Without flash 

I put on some quick eye shadow just to make the color stand out a bit more. Also we all know circle lenses look a bit crazy without make up to balance it out. Without at least some eye liner I look like some wide eye psycho path anime chick. I was able to wear these to work with no problem at all. They didn't feel dry and there was no irritation. the end of the day I forgot I was even wearing them~ Was seriously about to hop in bed before I had to remind myself! I was kinda skeptical about pink lenses at first but against my natural eye color they turned out to be a tad bit lighter version of the purple ones I have.




Thank you so much for reading! Again I really appreciate those of you who still follow this blog.
When they use the term March one was joking. March has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. I have a few event posts for you guys and stuff I really need to give away.

Be sure to check out! Thanks lovelies.

These lenses were sent to me for promotional use only.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mie's Valentines Day Giveaway! CLOSED

I'm starting Valentines Day Early this year!

To show how much I love and appreciate you all I am hosting a V-day giveaway kindly sponsored by
NuMe Style. WOOT! Whether you have plans with your lover, stuck at work, chilling with the girl friends, or simply staying home relaxing; I want you to look your best on Valentines Day!
One lucky person will receive a :
+NuMe Styling wand of choice (any size + color)
+  Feather Extensions Sets (3 colors of choice)
+ Feather Extension Starter Kit
Check out my review on one of NuMe's Styling wands! 

 -Must be a follower of this blog publicly via GFC
- Must be at least 16 (or with parents consent).
- US and Canada only. 
- One entry per person
- Starts Jan 14th, 2012- Feb 5th, 2012 (12am EST)

How to Enter:
Read the directions carefully on the widget below!
Rafflecopter is SUPER easy to use. I try to make my giveaways as simple as possible.
Because honestly no one wants to go through rings of fire to simply enter a giveaway.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm back! For Reals. I Promise!

So I've probably already qualified for the "Worse Blogger Ever" Award!
I did not realize how I would literally have no time to post at all.

We'll now i'm back since work is being slow now and I will have time to update more.
I didn't get much for Christmas or my Birthday (Dec 26th) but I'll do a small post on that when I get the last of my gifts from friends.
Since I worked so much for the Holidays I had a bit of extra spending money to buy some things for myself.
I needed new clothes desperately so i've been buying a few items here and there. Make up wise i'm pretty good on everything else BUT my favorite eyeliner and some lashes. Which is basically the main reason I havn't been doing Gal make up lately. New Lashes and Too Faced eyeliner is a MUST in my book!

Onto the new purchases!

Hello Kitty Bow Cardigan from Hot Topic.   
This is even cuter in person! Several of my coworkers have already bought this as well. I just love the repeated bow design and the patch at the top. This has been my main go to item for the past few days. And I mean.. so what if it does remind me of a pre-school teacher?! It's freak'n Hello Kitty!

Loose Daisy top from F21.
When I was out shopping with my best friend the other day she found this cute Daisy shirt hidden in the clothing racks of Forever 21. Ironically she found a matching Goofy Shirt which she also ended up buying. Twinsies! The fabric is very thin and light. It can also be worn off the shoulders if need

Cape Coat from JOLT.
This is possible one of my my FAVORITE items. Not only because it is stylish, warm and really well made. It was also free! I ended up winning it on a facebook giveaway. I saw the photo of the model wearing it on Nordstrom's website and..honestly I did not like it at all. But that is because the photo does not even explain how great this cape coat is. When I read the comments below this item received nothing but 5 stars! Shoot now I know why. This thing is AMAZING!! It's light weight but still keeps you warm since its fully lined. It has pockets as well <3 I'm glad I got it in Tan but would love it in Black as well. I'll post photos of me wearing it some other time.

Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale! 
Good bras are essential! If you do not know your bra size just pop into Victoria Secret some time to get fitted. Its free and you will know exactly the bra size you need. I ended up picking up three really cute bras from their Semi-Annual Sale. Instead of picking out plain and boring ones I decided to pick out some sexy, cute and fun designs! The light blue one is from their Dream Angels Collection. And if any of you know their Dream Angels Bras and would know that they are SO SOFT. I love the material! 

No Beauty Limits now has STICKERS!!!!!
I was offered free custom labels from awhile back and decided since I host so many giveaways it would be really cool to have my own stickers as well. I used the design of the lovely header Juicy Blog made for me (and made sure to credit her as well on the corner of the sticker!). Of course this only means I do have some giveaways in mind, so for those who have been here from the beginning I really appreciate your support! And for the newest followers of mine I thank you for following my blog and hope to see you around more often!

Valentines Day sure is coming up fast! I currently don't have any plans myself since I choose to be forever alone. But that doesn't mean I can't treat myself to a box of chocolate dipped strawberries from Godiva.. ......
actually that's kinda pathetic. Maybe i'll pay someone else to go buy them for me 8'D.

I have an awesome Valentines Day Giveaway Sponsored by coming up this weekend so please do watch out on my post regarding more information!