Friday, January 14, 2011

Gift Post!!!!

Hey there trying to post more~ Here are somethings I got for Christmas and My Birthday from my lovely friends~

Haha Michi got me a lot of lovely stuff!!!
A polka dot thong! xDDD
Nail Polish
Gold Liquid Eye Liner
Eye Shadow
Hello Kitty calculator,
A Rose hair clip(HUGE)
a cute phone charm from Amuse
A rose mirror
Hello Kitty Nail Stickers
And a cute Strawberry Mirror.. sadly i do not have a photo of that because the mirror broke when my shower door feel and put a whole through my bathtub ;___;

Julie got me everything a Gal needs!!
A set of Pa(Dear Laura) Eyelashes
Dolly Wink Nail Polish
Oil Paper
A super cute case of bobby pins
And if I forgot anything else its because i've already used half the stuff she gave me (wearing the eyelashes as i type this)

Gave me my first Rilakkuma!!!!
And two baby korilakkuma keychains to match!!!

My aunt gave me Perfume and Soap from Beyonce's "Heat" Collection

My aunt gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card for my birthday

And my mom got me an ITOUCH for my 18th birthday!!!! *O* WOOT!!!!!!!!!!

Michi also got me this cute set~ Beach bag and matching Pass Case from PaperChase and a cute hand bag

Last week my friend Nana took me to (another) Korean restaurant so we can go out to eat. She then treated me to a place called Syrup in Downtown LA...
Syrup Special**

It was sooo good! I got the Leige Waffle with Strawberrys, whip cream, and chocolate on top! They gave me two scoops of ice cream because it was my Birthday (somewhat)
I also got a large cup of their White Chocolate Latte!!! 

So cute they drew a teddy bear on top using white chocolate~~~~

Heres a couple of camwhore shots I took today!!!

Gotta get use to longer bottom lashes!!!!

Dont forget to spread the word about my potential giveaway!!!
Need more followers on my blog and on Tumblr

Till next time <3

Friday, January 07, 2011

Giveaway Information!!!

So i've decided I should host a giveaway. Free is always nice right? What about 2 giveaways? Sounds even better correct?
Once I've reached 50 Followers on my blog. I will host my first giveaway. It will most likely be some sort of japanese cosmetic item along with a couple of other cute things.

Once I have reached 100 followers on Tumblr I will also host a separate giveaway there as well.

Thats TWO chances for you to win a super sweet prize just for following. :)
So spread the word to all your friends!!! The sooner the better :)

Rules of the giveaway will also be posted along with the announcement of the prize.

Heres a link to my Tumblr Mie's Tumblr

Good luck! I hope to start the giveaway soon ;P

First Update of 2011
Its been awhile~ Sorry for the lack of updating. Holidays are always busy in my house!

Holiday Hot Mess was a complete success!!!! Im so proud of my DIAMOND sisters~
I wont post too much about it since I know the others beat me too it :P
But here is a video from the fashion show! Sorry the quality isn't that good ;_; apparently the HD setting only picks up if there is enough light.

I'm ready for the new year and new events!!!!
My goals this year is
New make up style.
New over all style
Reach 120 pounds
Find a job!!!!

I got some really cute gifts for Christmas~!! I'll post them next time!

For my 18th birthday, I went to Disneyland with my lovely friends Chii,Julie,Ari, Melissa,Sandy and Jenn.
Heres a few photos from that day and a couple of random other ones.

But before I continue~ Everyone kept asking me where the bows from the Star Couture Fashion show came from.
Each bow was Handmade by yours truly~! Each bow had its own individual color combo so no two bows were the same.

Im very happy with the way they turned out!

DIAMOND sisters Cici and Tricia

Onto the Birthday photos.

Photo stolen from Chii

Photo stolen from Chii

Photo stolen from Chii

Few camwhore timez

Testing my Itouch.

Thats all for now~ Next post will be soon~ Will have a lot to update
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