Saturday, April 30, 2011

42 Color Eyeshadow and Blush Palette!!!

Hey Gals~
First off- HEY THERE to all my new followers~ Welcome and thank you for following ^^
So this is a short post today because im doing something new!
for the second part of my review I decided that
I wanted to do a video instead.
Its just a short video reviewing

the  ES 42 color Eyeshadow and Blush palette sent to me from

(sorry people in Germany! This video is blocked in your country~)

If you have any requests, suggestions or anything you would like to see in my next video
let me know! Thank you so much for watching~
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend <3
DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored by kkcenterhk. I am NO way affiliated with them. I do not claim ownership for any of the products above. These products were sent to me to give my honest non-biased opinion. I did not receive any compensation for this review. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eyes Chic Lashes

Hey Gals and Guys!!!
Sorry for not updating the last few days.
I wanted to give some space between each of my post~

Anyways today i'm doing a review for again! This will actually be a two part thing since I don't want this one to be too long. If you didn't catch my first review for them check it out HERE.
This time around Candice from kkcenterhk sent me: Two ES Gel Eyeliner, One Box of Eyes Chic False Lashes, and One 42 color ES Eye and Cheek Palette.
Today is just the review on the Gel Liners and Lashes~
The two colors of liner sent to me was True Black #02 and  Steller #10. 
Steller is more of a dark grey. It may not show up as well in my photos lol. $5.20 a jar.
  I would say Steller is a bit darker than what it appears like in my photo
Overall: 4/5
Texture isn't as creamy as I thought it would be but it still comes out really smooth and dark.
Easy to apply
I like True black more than I like Steller.
Maybe if i heat it up a bit it will become much more creamier... I wonder if that is a horrible idea :D

Never heard of this brand until now. But the lashes sent to me were Eyes Chic 837 Luxuriant
Paired along with the ES True Black Gel Liner
Okay so I really love these lashes!!!! Awesome for Gyaru!! They are so vibrant and long. They remind me of the Dear Laura "Pa" Lashes you can get at Mitsuwa for like $2 something a pair; luckily this set is a 10 pack. They are MUCH better quality than the pairs sent to me last time. And the style is good for both Top and Bottom lashes (if your not afraid to cut your lashes :) I love how kkcenterhk always takes exactly 1 WEEK for me to receive my packages. I hate ordering from ebay and it takes FOREVER. With this I know exactly when to stalk the mail lady :)
Overall: 4/5
+Good Quality 
+Pack of 10
+Easy to Apply
+Well Designed.
- A bit pricey for $13 a box. Though usually when I spend that much the lashes are usually really good.

 Since I said their good for Gal I wanted to back up my words and show you!
I am wearing the Eyes Chic Lashes on both the top and bottom. Also using a bit of the ES True Black  Gel Liner.

If your wondering why I am only posing like that.. well...
... Its cause I only did one eye 8D LOL I have no foundation/ concealer/ blush anything gals. LOL even my wig is pushed back some. I was going to bed okay! D<
Next is the review for the ES 42 Color Palette. But for that one I will probably do a video! Yay
Thank you so much for reading and commenting you guys. I highly appreciate it and love the feedback.
DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored by kkcenterhk. I am NO way affiliated with them. I do not claim ownership for any of the products above. These products were sent to me to give my honest non-biased opinion. I did not receive any compensation for this review. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lime Crime Lipstick Review

A short late night post ^^
I recently received one of Lime Crime's Lipstick
as a gift after hosting a giveaway sponsored by them.
It was such a HUGE SUCCESS thanks to all my new and old followers O:
The color they sent me was D'Lilac

 I would say its probably a little bit lighter on me. More closer to the first photo.
Definitely not something I can wear unless i'm going to one of my events.
Also.. this lipstick smells like VANILLA or COTTON CANDY. I want to eat it.. but I know I shouldn't ;___;
Overall: 4/5
+The packaging is cute and the color is very pretty.
+Pretty pigmented! Its how Quite Cute from Mac should have been -_-
-The only thing I would say I don't really like about it is how it looks against my skin tone. 
I will be shipping out the winner's package next week. I refuse to deal with the easter hustle.
Sorry my make up is crappy. it was just for this post ^^
Happy Easter everyone!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

I won what?!?!?!?!

Oh boy. Today was a long day. So remember that Kurvee Event? During the Kurvee Event I entered Mary Kay's drawing for a small flower arrangement and a skin care kit. Very next day I get a phone call saying I won! Crazy I never win any drawings like that hahaha. Well the lady Lisa who works for Mary Kay of course called me and set up a time and date where she can come by, drop off my gift and a few other things

We set up something for this morning and she was even early ^^. While she was there she tried different products on us. If I invited a friend I was able to jump from a $10 gift certificate to $20. It was like a short make up session where we were able to try different products. What I ended up getting at the end was:

Flower Arrangement
Satin Hands Set
Make up Bag
Shower gel
Body Lotion
Make up Remover
Acne Treatment
Sample Size of Concealer

I used my $20 towards the make up remover and Acne Treatment. The Shower and Lotion came from not cancelling my appointment with her haha. I was going to just purchase the concealer but she didn't have that or any foundation so she gave me her sample size lol

Sample Size Concealer, Make up Remover, Acne Treatment, Make up bag!

Overall it was really nice! She was friendly and I got more free stuff than expected!!! Almost $100 worth of free products. My mom made some food so after we were done with the beauty products we ate some. 
I can't say all the products were AMUHZING.  Although I really did like their foundation and make up products. More than their skin care line. but hey! No complaints free is free and i really appreciate it!
Well this was basically my day! Can't wait to try the stuff I got~ I'm so sleepy you guys ;___; nap time possibly? yes yes!
Also I want to ask HOW WAS YOUR DAY??
Since I told you about mines I wanna know what everyone else did today or will be doing this weekend!!! Anything special coming up! Birthdays? I wanna know! 8D

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Candy and Lipstick!!!

Beautiful night owl friends ^o^
I feel bad for tricking you guys with the
last sweets post.
So here is some REAL candy to make up for it 8D
Got these and a few other treats on a stop at Mitsuwa our local Japanese market

At the last Beautylish event, Make Up For Ever put one of their lip sticks in the goodie bag!
Color: Rouge stupid me. Its 36 Satin Fuschia my bad guys!!!
Its like a Hot Pink/fuschia
I was a bit hmf about the color cause I didn't think it would look good on me at all.

Why are my lips so big?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! It actually looks really good on me. Kinda Nick Minaj-ish.. but I try not to
style the rest of my make up like hers.
I give this a 5/5!!!
Super pigmented and compliments my tan skin tone ^^

ALSO~ The lime crime package for the winner came recently O:
They were SUPER NICE they even sent an extra one for me ;_;
I havn't tried it yet but i'll let you gals know how it works out 8D
Good Night yall~

My room!!! Mini Tour!

Hi Hi
So i've decided I'll post this here.
This was actually for a contest but im sharing it with you gals/guys 8D
Sorry for sounding so rude in the video -__- it wasn't intended for that!
Also this is basically my first edited video so excuse the poor quality..
actually i just apologize for the overall video LOL Please subscribe to my channel. Thank you ^^

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hand Candies!!! Mie's monthly pick!

Hi yall! 8D Sorry for the lack of updates. I was busy with testing and some other stuff. But I just HAVE to tell you guys about one of my favorite things. Its actually my Product of the month ^^. Hand Candies by Bath By Riley. These have become very popular lately and I see a lot of beauty junkies mentioning these.
These are not the edible kind of candies. Hand Candies are small amounts of a compressed sea salt scrub wrapped and shaped like little candies. They are meant for easy storage and travel sizes because of how small they are. Perfect to bring to school or work with you. I had heard about these first from

They had a small booth set up at the Kurvee Event I went to recently so I was able to sample and purchase a few. 8D  I bought 10 for $10 which was fine with me! They had a variety of "flavors" to choose from for those of you who like large options. Here are the ones I picked out:

So far I have only used "Goddess" and "Ocean Breeze". They both smell GREAT although I do favor Goddess more.

First look out of the wrapper!
Looks like a tiny bar of soap right? So CUTE! All you gotta do is then crumble it up so it becomes easier to apply. Once broken apart you have quite a bit there. You do NOT need to use all of it at one time.

Above in my hand is only about 1/3 of the whole bar. Like I said you don't need a lot. Sprinkle a little onto your hand and then wrap the rest back up.

1. Break apart the "candy"
2. Wet hands with warm water.
3. Apple small amount into palm of hands.
4. Massage scrub all over hands. Front back, side-to-side :D
6. Rinse with warm water~
7. Pat dry!

Afterwards you can feel how soft and smooth your hands are!!! Its amazing. I was able to try it at the event which led me to buy it. Believe me, if it didn't work I would not have bought it. Who wants to buy something that doesn't do its job :?
Can be used multiple times
Can be used on hands AND body.
Easy to travel with/small and compact
Amazing long lasting scents!
Perfect for all ages

On the website they cost $2.00 each which I think is a bit pricey considering how small they are. Which is why I try to get the most use out of them. I don't mind the $10 for 10 though 8D

Overall: 5/5!!!

Elissa the kind lady who was running the booth with her husband gave me a Bath Bomb with my Hand Candies to test and review. 
The scent is Flirtini which also has its own matching Hand Candy.

It smells really nice at a close distance. But when put into the bath tub the aroma kinda dies.
I was expecting the room/tub to be filled with the scent. Sadly not. Hopefully some of the other bath bombs they have will have a stronger smell D:
Overall Review: 3/5

Thank you so much for reading! I hope at one point this could be one of my giveaway items. I would love for you guys to be able to try it!!!
Cam shot of the day

Let me know what you think? Which flavor would you be interested in trying. More flavors on their website
Just noticed this on her business card 8D  Use promo code "elissa123" to receive 10% off your online orders :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Glitter Gal Review/Giveaway!!! [closed]

This is basically long overdue.
But Glitter Gal Cosmetics sent me one of their Nail Polishes to review last month,
and is also allowing me to host a giveaway!!!
They are an Australian based cosmetics company that manufacturers high quality yet affordable make up!

The color they sent me was their 3D/Holographic Copper.
The color is like a berry pink! Very pretty.

I noticed the bottle was a bit small, but they explain it is because they use true holographic particles in their formula which is 30 times more expensive than any other nail polish ingredient.

Holographic Effect

With Flash

Without Flash

Honestly it was so hard to try and get the holographic effect to show up on my camera.
Its GORGEOUS in the sunlight... it truly is. I couldn't stop starring at my nails.
The best way to describe the effect is... my fingers now look like holographic pokemon cards.

This is probably my new favorite nail polish. I LOVE IT~ The holographic effect is very neat.
Chip resistant: Not really. The polish will chip so don't forget to use a top coat~
Easy to apply: YES! The brush is not too long.
Overall I give this 4/5!!!

Now onto the giveaway portion!

Winner will be able to choose 2 nail polishes of their choice provided by Glitter Gal Cosmetics!!!

This giveaway is open Internationally!

Mandatory Entry:

- You must be a public follower to this blog post. Post your follower username!!!!
-You must comment below with your EMAIL ADDRESS, and the TWO nail polishes you would like. 
You can visit Glitter Gal to browse through the nail polishes you would like.
Thats it! :)
Additional Entries not required:
-"Like" Glitter Gal Cosmetics on Facebook: Link

-Follow Glitter Gal on Twitter: GlitterGal_Aus 
-Retweet: "Enter @Truesakura #giveaway for your chance to win prizes from @GlitterGal_Aus"

-Blog or Sidebar mention about this giveaway using the first image--- 2 entries

Please put your Mandatory entry and any Additional entries all in ONE comment.
Don't forget to tell me your twitter name and link me to your tweet.
Look here to learn how to link to tweets!

Example entry:
GFC: Mie
Nail Polish of choice: I will like 3D bronze and Not Another Red
Followed Glitter Gals on Twitter: Truesakura
"Like" Glitter Gals on Facebook: Mie Anderson
Sidebar Mention:
EDIT: PLEASE READ ALL RULES. I noticed some of you are "liking" No Beauty Limits on facebook, and following me on twitter as part of your entry. Above it states to follow GLITTER GAL. You must follow them and not me to make it a valid entry. Otherwise it will NOT count. Also again all entries must be kept in ONE COMMENT. I will disqualify all of those who refuse to ignore this rule.
This Giveaway will end on May 1st 12:00am PST time!
If the winner does not respond to my email within 2 days after notifying them then I will choose a new winner.
If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Good Luck to everyone!
I am no way affiliated with Glitter Gal Cosmetics.  I have no rights to any of the products above. Pictures are of my own unless stated otherwise. I am not held responsible for any loss or damage during the shipping process.

I promise to not sell, trade or misuse any personal information given to me. Details on giveaway can be altered at any time without notice. I have the right to refuse certain entries. Prize will be shipped withing 2-4 weeks after winner is announced.