Thursday, April 07, 2011

Inexpensive GAL lashes!!!

So I recently heard of through another beauty blogger Pink as my Juicy. I'm always in need of lashes ;_; they truly do bring out your eyes and add some glam to your overall make up.
I had never heard of this shop before but when I checked them out they had a wide range of eyelash styles that are well priced!!! Ranging from as low as $.90c They also carry wigs, make up and all sorts of beauty supplies. For those of you who like the 88 palettes and concealers, they got them too!!!

Check out their brand Jealousness
 Its definitely more convenient than searching hundreds of pages on ebay with repetitive styles -_- And I saw quite a lot that are PERFECT for Gyaru style. They sent me 3 pairs to review awhile back.

First Set!
Twin Pack Rhinestone Red Fake False EyeLashes Lashes [M19-25]

Ew ignore my ugly eye.

Cons: They are very shiny and look very plastic-y. They were a little bit hard to put on.
Pros: CUTE! I love how they look on my eye and they are well priced just for decorative lashes. Out of the three pairs these were my favorite. I most likely will be wearing these again pretty soon. These would go great with a Minnie Mouse inspired style. 

Second pair!

1 Pairs Bushy Brown Fake False EyeLashes Lashes 

Cons: Way too shiny. The color is okay. Not easy to apply either( yes i know i didn't trim them xD)
Pros: Very long and adds volume.
Out of the three pairs these were my least favorite! They do not show up well on my skin at all. My natural eyelashes are dark brown....They made my eyes look smaller and basically just blended in with my skin tone!! xD  The color is nice for a more natural look but then they are way too long for that.

Last Pair!

1 Pairs Half Mini Cross Twill Black EyeLash Fake False EyeLashes 

Cons: There are none!
Pros: These are awesome if you want only a minimum of extension or want to pair them up with others.
They were so easy to apply too O: omg I LOVE THESE. Their perfect if you like to double up on lashes like I do :D

Their shipping was FAST too. It only took 1 week O: Also they have excellent customer service. Just remember you get what you pay for. The higher quality lashes are going to cost a bit more. But even the cheaper ones are great for Gal.

Thank you for reading this review!!!! Definitely check them out if you have the chance. If you ever ordered from them let me know 8D
I was not paid for this review. These lashes were sent to me for my honest non-biased opinion.

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