Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eyes Chic Lashes

Hey Gals and Guys!!!
Sorry for not updating the last few days.
I wanted to give some space between each of my post~

Anyways today i'm doing a review for again! This will actually be a two part thing since I don't want this one to be too long. If you didn't catch my first review for them check it out HERE.
This time around Candice from kkcenterhk sent me: Two ES Gel Eyeliner, One Box of Eyes Chic False Lashes, and One 42 color ES Eye and Cheek Palette.
Today is just the review on the Gel Liners and Lashes~
The two colors of liner sent to me was True Black #02 and  Steller #10. 
Steller is more of a dark grey. It may not show up as well in my photos lol. $5.20 a jar.
  I would say Steller is a bit darker than what it appears like in my photo
Overall: 4/5
Texture isn't as creamy as I thought it would be but it still comes out really smooth and dark.
Easy to apply
I like True black more than I like Steller.
Maybe if i heat it up a bit it will become much more creamier... I wonder if that is a horrible idea :D

Never heard of this brand until now. But the lashes sent to me were Eyes Chic 837 Luxuriant
Paired along with the ES True Black Gel Liner
Okay so I really love these lashes!!!! Awesome for Gyaru!! They are so vibrant and long. They remind me of the Dear Laura "Pa" Lashes you can get at Mitsuwa for like $2 something a pair; luckily this set is a 10 pack. They are MUCH better quality than the pairs sent to me last time. And the style is good for both Top and Bottom lashes (if your not afraid to cut your lashes :) I love how kkcenterhk always takes exactly 1 WEEK for me to receive my packages. I hate ordering from ebay and it takes FOREVER. With this I know exactly when to stalk the mail lady :)
Overall: 4/5
+Good Quality 
+Pack of 10
+Easy to Apply
+Well Designed.
- A bit pricey for $13 a box. Though usually when I spend that much the lashes are usually really good.

 Since I said their good for Gal I wanted to back up my words and show you!
I am wearing the Eyes Chic Lashes on both the top and bottom. Also using a bit of the ES True Black  Gel Liner.

If your wondering why I am only posing like that.. well...
... Its cause I only did one eye 8D LOL I have no foundation/ concealer/ blush anything gals. LOL even my wig is pushed back some. I was going to bed okay! D<
Next is the review for the ES 42 Color Palette. But for that one I will probably do a video! Yay
Thank you so much for reading and commenting you guys. I highly appreciate it and love the feedback.
DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored by kkcenterhk. I am NO way affiliated with them. I do not claim ownership for any of the products above. These products were sent to me to give my honest non-biased opinion. I did not receive any compensation for this review. 

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