Friday, April 15, 2011

Ultimate food Spam+ Surprise Celebrity Guest!!! Epic pic spam

Hello Gals and Guys~
Omg yesterday was one of the best days ever. In honor of celebrating one of my good friend's birthday, my friends Cass and Henry treated her and a few of our friends to dinner. Sounds simple right? Nice easy dinner~...... ._. but theres only ONE CATCH.

You HAVE to eat.

The day started off nice with us meeting up for lunch at a Greek/Canadian/American restaurant.

Off to the Del Amo Mall... Omg it was so windy... i was afraid my hair would fly off!!

I NEED this dress from Forever 21
Oh my gosh.. the dress above.. I fit in a SMALL how even did I do this?! Well.. it only lasted till the afternoon ;_;

Afterwards we went back to their apartment before heading out to the restaurant. Dinner was at Sashi which is where henry works. It was a very classy Sushi+ Bar lounge. Lol the bar glows bright PINK its fabulous 8D. Shortly after sitting down and looking through the menu we heard applauding and cheering. When we turned around all of the LA Lakers were coming out of the restaurant!!! What luck!! But of course.. they went to do what men do best -___- act a fool(but in a good way)!!! LOL Kobe let us all know to head outside for a special performance..oh my. And what do these fools do? They go out there to SING.

I know you wanna leave me! But I refuse to let you go! 

This is my favorite photo of the team together!!! Haha yea I was THIS CLOSE to them. didn't even need to zoom.  I was all up in their oxygen area I know~ Shameful me but come on.. look at these devilish handsome men ;P anywaysssss
ONTO THE FOOD YOU GUYS!!! Now heres where "the catch" kicks in. We ordered several plates of sushi and what not... but henry would order MULTIPLE of each dish and dessert (on some of the plates).
So when you guys see one plate of something.. think of that x2 or even x3. Remember... we HAD to eat it.

There was more sushi even after this and some I didn't even take photos of... but by this time I was already writing up my CAN NOT end here... it just cant... what about dessert?!

Lavender Kiwi

This was Creme Brulee but the cup with the area was coffee flavored... MMM SOOO GOOD
And I normally don't like Creme Brulee

Ice Cream Macaron Sandwiches. The Ice Cream was spicey which I wasn't really fond but.. but it was too delicious not to eat...

This was NOT on the menu, but it was made specially for my friend Kim's birthday. It was Banana Cream Pie!!!! It was actually good considering I'm picky about my pies, and banana desserts!
Shame... i could NOT finish this.. i just couldn't... i found myself having a hard time even trying to breathe much less trying to chew and consume any more food.

The day was epic and I enjoy spending time with my friends!! Lol not to mention we had one of the Lakers hitting up on my other friend whom I forgot to snag a photo of... >_>

I had to remove my French Connection belt half way during the dinner.. and I couldn't put it back on afterwards either... i couldn't even get it through the first hole .___. my god I ate SO MUCH.

Me and my creepy Auntie pictures with my friend's baby!!! I look like shit cause i had no time for make up.
Enjoy the baby though. :D

Okay I lied.. we had a bit more room in our stomach for baby!

O.o Did the food go to my boobs wtf?!

Julie, Sandy(or now known as Sandu) Baby Haru, me and Momma Cass!!!

It was awesome hanging with you guys!!!!
I'll post our photos we took with a few of the players later when my friends upload them D<
Thank you for reading!! Hope you enjoyed this post!!! Later I will be posting a review >_<

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