Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello Kitty Suite VIP Preview Night

Hey everyone!
Thanks for the wonderful comments on my Rune Boutique Recap!

That weekend was literally very crazy for me. Right after Rune Boutique Sephora Hosted a VIP Preview night for special guest to preview the first ever Hello Kitty Suite inspired by their limited edition beauty collection- Noir. Guest were able to have their own special viewing of the suite along with the chance to mingle with other Hello Kitty crazed fans over plenty of  h'orderves. The Suite is located in the Beverly Hills Maison, and thanks to Yume Ninja I was able to attend this very special night.

Upon arriving at the Maison I was greeted by two beautiful cigarette girls offering special goodies.
Each guest received a special Chubby Bunny Bow designed specially for this night! I was also able to take home special nail polishes from their Noir Collection!!  I met up with Yume, Jenny, Michelle and Grant shortly after they arrived as well.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rune Boutique World Debut Party!!

Hey yall!
So finally the big day has come and gone.
Rune Boutique's Debut Party hosted by Bubble Punch~
This event was held at the Royal/T cafe/gallery in Culver City California.

Celebrating all things kawaii the event was inspired by the original art work of Rune Naito.
Bubble Punch had been preparing for this event for months and with a overall attendance of 3,000 people I must say it was a HUGE success. While Yume Ninja and Chubby Bunny was hosting the event I was their volunteer assistant for the night checking up on the volunteers. Basically I just answered any questions, watched over the other volunteers and handled any situation that wouldn't disturb Yume or Chubby.
Now onto the photos~

Lovely Volunteers~
Left to right: Cass, Elliot, Andi, Me and Chii

Ugh I look gross. In some pictures I photo shopped by make up because it was THAT BAD. Damn state apartment inspection ruining my time. But here is my outfit for the night.
Top: Hot Topic
Skirt: Hot Topic
Purse: H&M
Stockings: F21
Shoes: Apparel Dynasty
Accessories: Mostly Yume Ninja
Bows: Purse Buzz and Myself

Chii my Assistant. 

Stephanie Shaw from Tokyo Pop!

Childhood friend Raisa! And her bee-friend Elliot.
I appreciate them coming out to this event. 

Ari one of the the 1st place winners.

Chick who did a badass replica of Kyary's pon pon pon outfit

Anz Falcon!!! She was rocking so much W*C O.o

Cutest little girls. I should have took them home with me. 

Marie~ She was also one of the winners!

She had flawless make up~

Me and Risa! First time actually stopping to chat with her. She is sooo tall and beautiful :O
Ignore my flats *mumble mumble*

Vani, Essy and Yuka. I appreciate the Dokidoki Girls spending a lot of their time taking photos with the guest!!! 

Jenny and her bf Grant. In the pop up shop this is what the staff wore!

Even with a mustache shes still beautiful WTF..damn pretty people.

Another freak'n pretty person. Her eyeliner is always so prefect picture is blurry I think i forgot flash.. When I talk to Bebe I can't help but stare.
Apparently she uses MAC's fluid line.. she should be the model for them because she makes it look DAMN GOOD. Watch me try to use it and it comes out looking like crap. But it's on my shopping list now. 

and TADA~** *SPARKLE***
Vani, Kyary, Yuka and Sebastian. It helped a lot that I was staff so I could go up to the stage and take this photo hahaha. 

Chii's Kimchi Pork fries. 

And my favorite photo~ Anz and Ane! This picture is so brilliant I want a poster of it.
Tthu, Essy and Jen was all with them but they left a bit earlier.

I didn't really get a chance to watch the performance but you can find videos of it everywhere.
For those of you who were able to make it THANK YOU SO MUCH it was great seeing all of you :)
I look forward to the next big event next year~ 
Next post is Hello Kitty x Sephora VIP Night!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Apparel Dynasty: Box full of Rainbows!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great Black Friday!
I spent my Thanksgiving weekend at work dealing with the crazy mall filled sales~

Alright ya'll here is the second part to my Holiday Gift Guide!

For the Rainbow lover!
I'm sure everyone has at least one friend whose wardrobe reminds you of a box of crayons. For me I have several. I hate picking out gifts for them because I don't want to get them all the same thing. And when I do find something that I think they would like I have to ask myself "Would they even use this?". Well I've finally found a solution to this problem! Apparel Dynasty has just what you need for the perfect gift. Artist Acrylicana has transformed her fun and colorful art into everyday apparel/luggage. If you have yet to see her work I highly recommend you check it out. It seriously is magically and she works with different media including digital, acrylic, watercolor and ink.

Apparel Dynasty was so kind to send me a big box of goodies to show to you all! 

First up we have their popular item: Scented Shoelaces! Crazy right? I know I was like..seriously scented?? And indeed they are. Below is six different versions of the styles you can get from left to right.
Ice Cream, Cotton Candy, Hot Dog, Fortune Cookie, Pizza, and Tutti Frutti.

You don't have to open the packages to smell them. Just scratch the orange star.  I ended up given a pair to my younger cousin because I know she likes these kind of things. I mean who doesn't like scratch and sniff though..its fun! Even the package itself looks super cute! Little pictures of food with faces run along the side of the lace.

(you can't really see the faces but here's a close up of Tutti Frutti)

Next is the Welcome to the Disco Cosmetic Bag.
With this you will never lose your make up bag ever again. It is a pretty decent size
 Measures 8.5" x 6.5" x 3 and I was able to fit all my cosmetics in here. 

Close up of design.

Signature initial on zipper.

Here is possibly one of my most favorite items I received in the box..
Party Party Platform Pumps...let me tell you. Straight up....these are even more magical in person.
Nah like FO REALZ. DISNEY MAGIC STATUS. The design consist of giggling ghost and rainbows along with a lot of other random images and her initial A on the top heel section. Ignore the random flowers my bra was in the photo and I didn't want to take the picture over again. I have not even worn them yet that's how much I love them. I'm waiting for the perfect event..although I should be breaking them in. They also come with extra heel tips.

Last but not least the Harmony Pull Along Luggage Bag. It's so big! And the design is beyond amazing. It makes me want to visit my cousin in Vegas just so I can have an excuse to use it. The best part is it's not only a duffel bag. There is a zipper on the side that reveals a extendable roll along handle. 

Bottom of the bag. 

YAY! Instant vacation bag. I won't be getting this luggage confused with anyone else's.
First thing my mom said when she saw it was "THATS MINES!" Um..sorry mom...I love you but...just no.

Well that's all folks! I appreciate Apparel Dynasty's generosity with all the great gifts they sent. I was not expecting all of this!!! Before I forget I wanted to let you all know that the Party Party Pumps featured in this review are now available on>LINK HERE

Please follow Apparel Dynasty on TWITTER and FACEBOOK

The products in this post were sent to me for promotional advertisement purposes only. I do not own any of the items mentioned in this post. Nor am I affiliated in anyway with Apparel Dynasty or Acrylicana. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NuMe Style Curling Wand (25mm Hot Pink!)

Hello Hello!
So now that Christmas is coming up and everyone will be doing their Holiday shopping, now is the best time to start checking people off your shopping list! Over the next few weeks I will be posting Gift Ideas. Basically writing about items that would be perfect for your friends or family.

Gift for the Beauty Lover. 

What do you get for the person with super straight hair who dreams of sexy curls/waves? The NuMe Curling wand is a no "clamp" curling iron that creates quick, easy, beautiful curls. You just wrap your own hair around the barrel and release after a few seconds creating beautiful wavy curls each time. I was so excited when I received this in the mail! I had seen other reviews on this product and loved the way the curls came out for others. Sadly when I received it I realized that there is no heat adjustment setting for this product. Meaning there is one heat and one heat only. You can not adjust it to make it any "cooler" or any hotter. The temperature setting for the curling wand is 410 degrees F/ 210 degrees C. Sadly it is just way too hot for my natural hair. Luckily for me I wear a lot of wigs and sometimes weaves that are human hair so I can use the curler on that. For those who have hair that just refuses to curl, this is the curling wand for you. 

I choose the 25mm Hot Pink one! They have various different styles and sizes you can choose from.
Below is the box it comes in.

It also comes with a heating glove so you do not burn yourself when you're wrapping the hair around the barrel....believe me I forgot the glove and already burnt my hand. Don't be a Mie use the glove~

I found this product super easy to use! It heats up fast, and the curls came out beautifully each time.
I thought it would have been a bit difficult to use but its actually not. Other than it not having a heat adjustment setting I have no other complaints about this product!
Overall: 4/5!!!

Check out the video of me actually using the curling wand and the beautiful results at the end!
Please watch and subscribe <3

So sorry for the audio issues going on here. I don't know why its so low and it doesn't match up at the end.
Which is why I typically don't do video reviews because of how much video editors hate me.

***SPECIAL DISCOUNT*** wanted me to share with you all a special coupon code for you to use
now through 12/31/11. Use code Nobeautylimits11 on all curling wands when you go to check out :)
Believe me this is a really awesome discount!

Join them on facebook and twitter!

This product was sent to me for review purposes only. I am no way affiliated with

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lace Pink Princess Nails

Hi Hi!
I am super excited you guys~ I am trying to put together another EPIC giveaway and so far im doing pretty good. This will probably be a Christmas themed giveaway^

I had been waiting on this package for awhile and I was kinda scared that it might have gotten lost in the mail.
Kkcenterhk sent me two pairs of false nails. The first pair is a light pink/black princess style design with black bows and pink stones to top it off. The black section is lined with a cute pink lace design that gives it that girly elegant effect. Each set contains 12 nails that each vary in size and pink tinted nail glue.

12 Pieces Pink Black Lace False Nail Tips [N300]

I found that the glue wasn't messy at all and made it easy to apply. The design is very cute and works perfectly with any type of fashion your into whether it is gyaru, lolita, fairy kei, decora, chic, etc etc.
I did notice that on the website these nails are under a different brand and have a different packing, so do note that when if you do plan to purchase them~

I think their sizing is a bit weird when it comes to the nails. I prefer to have only 1 of my nails decorated with the bows and rhinestones but because of the sizing I had to choose two. When applying press down firmly and let the glue dry for 20 seconds before going back on Tumblr. They have a good selection of designs that are perfect for special one day events that you don't want to go to the salon for.

Overall 4/5!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Locketship and upcoming Japanese fashion events!

Hey everyone.
If your in Socal your going to want to read this post! Awesome event's coming up in the Los Angeles area.

I really hate it when i'm waiting on packages and those are the things that are delaying me from posting.
I have a list in mind on the order my post should come in. I like to follow that order to keep myself sane and organized. But it also makes me behind on posting. It seems like each time im coming up with 1000 excuses on my delays. Which is sad and uncool.

This past weekend I helped out at another local LA event. Locketship's 4th Anniversary @ Meltdown Comics. Locketship is a online Jewelry shop that has various fun designs like Circus Theme, Kitties in Space, Mermaids, Bunnies and more!
I bring my camera so the photos below are from LA weekly.

Julie doll and Stephanie


Me and a Space Cadet

I won't post all the photos so go to LA WEEKLY to check out more.
Other events that are coming up
Saturday 19th, Sweet Streets! Co-Curated by Spank! (Culver City, CA)

WWA Gallery presents...
SWEET STREETS: Art Exhibition Co-Curated by Spank!
Exhibition runs: November 19 - December 23, 2011.
Opening party: November 19th, 7pm - 10pm.

@ WWA Gallery
9517 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

This is gonna be a very fun event. The theme for this one is 80's so come dressed up in your colorful gear.
There will be a fashion Spank! Fashion show make-up sponsored by Sugarpill Cosmetics.
For those of you who are always thinking "oh..I always want to go to these events but I wont know anyone there" JUST GO. You will meet someone there haha. And I will be at the freak'n front door so you definitely won't have trouble finding me. Trust me~ And i'm super friendly. I WANT you to say hey there to me

Here is the facebook EVENT PAGE.
And last but not least. The party of the year *drum roll*

Rune Boutique World Debut Royal/T Culver City, CA

Hosted by Bubble Punch
RUNE BOUTIQUE World Debut Party 
Roots of Kawaii 
Opening Night Public Event: Friday, December 9, 2011 8pm-12am
Pop-Up Shop: December 9, 2011 – January 9, 2012

RUNE BOUTIQUE represents the new, cutting edge brand collaboration from renowned creative director and fashion designer Sebastian Masuda of 6%DOKIDOKI and the late Japanese illustrator Rune Naito. Considered the father of Japan’s Kawaii movement, Naito’s cute, feminine imagery set the direction for a global trend that would inspire generations of art, music, fashion and cuisine to com
Special Guest: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Here is the facebook event page

For the December event I really want to come up with a really badass outfit.. I should get started now ;)

So mark your calenders and I will see you all then~