Monday, February 28, 2011

ME! Bath Giveaway!!!!

Logo property of ME! Bath

Hey everyone! As promised I will be hosting my first giveaway.
And there will be others coming up later on very soon!

Sponsored by Me! Bath; I will be giving away one of their popular Bath Ice Cream Bombs!
Green Tea Flavor

Headquarters located in Los Angeles, California ME! Bath was founded by husband and wife team Benjamin and Lisa Nissanoff in 2002.  Since then, ME! Bath has rapidly increased its popularity in the Bath and Body market. They offer creative, unique and environmentally friendly at home spa products.

As one of the hottest trends in creating the perfectly delicious bath, ME! Bath offers a variety of products such as: Hand and Body Icing, Shower Sherbet, Ice Cream Sandwiches and their signature item Bath Ice Cream! Ice Cream Bombs that are designed to look and smell like perfect scoops of your favorite flavor.

(image property of Me!Bath)

With sweet scented flavors like Cafe con Leche, Gotta Have It Pomegranate , Land of Milk and Honey, Hawaiian Lei, Pumpkin Pie  your sure to instantly fall in love! Made with using the highest quality ingredients  ME! Bath's Bath Ice Cream is made with 100% Israeli Jojoba Oil.

One lucky winner will have the chance to try one of their Bath Ice Cream: Green Tea scoops  themselves!!!

How to enter
-email me your full name and address to with the subject ICE CREAM
- Comment on this post below you must be one of my followers. -For one additional entry make your own blog post regarding the giveaway and post the link in your comment!!!

(for this giveaway international addresses will be accepted)

This is not first come first serve.  The winner will be chosen at random. The deadline for this giveaway is Friday 
March 4th, 2011 @ 11:00am PST. Any entries after that time will not be valid.  The Winner will be notified around 12:00pm PST.

If you are not chosen as the winner, don't worry, in honor of this giveaway ME! Bath is offering a 30% discount off your total purchase for a limited time only!
Use the code : maketheswitch

 Good luck to everyone~

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I am no way affiliated with ME! Bath. These products were sent to me for promotional use only and to be given away to followers at random. I have no rights to any of the products above. Pictures are of my own unless stated otherwise. I am not held responsible for any loss or damage during the shipping process.
I promise to not sell, trade or misuse any personal information given to me. Details on giveaway can be altered at any time without notice. I have the right to refuse certain entries. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My friends love me

Hey everyone! Here is a quick update before some fun things happen on my blog.
First off YAY We reached 50 followers. Thank you everyone!!!. And as I promised there WILL be a giveaway. It would have started this weekend.. but due to my mail box not being big enough we have to wait till Monday.

Moving on~
I recently hung out with my good friends Shawnee and Chii (two separate days)
Its been awhile since I had seen them so there was a lot of catching up to do.

We ended up wearing the same outfit!!!! Crazy *.*

Last time I saw Shawnee was on her birthday last year which was in December.

She looked absolutely AMAZING. She started this slow carb diet and has already lost 12 pounds in 5 days. You go girl!

We just ended up chilling at Mitsuwa in Torrance.
Tsubasa love~

Never seen Lakers water before... Shawnee says it taste like Kobe's sweat (LOL JK)

Most people dont know about my love for Shizuka Muto.
She is an Ageha model who is drop sexy sexy!!! In the latest issue there was a photo of her room.
I want it. Everything in it. Even her. Its TOO perfect.

Recently my friends have given me a few gifts from their travels and what not.
I feel so loved and appreciated!!!

Except for this... i picked this up myself @ Mitsuwa xD
Got myself two new pairs of Dear Laura Lashes!!!! At first I hated them, but now I love them.

Given to me by the sexy Tricia, this is a Pine Create Keychain she brought back for me from the land of all that is fabulous. It was attached to my DS but I took it off for a photo.

Shawnee Sent me a box of Sugar Cookie Tea <3 <3 <3 It really does smell like Sugar Cookies!!!
And a scarf. Usually I hate scarves but this one is very well made!
My brothers best friend bought me back a set of brushes from his recent trip to China.

 Dolly brought me back a set of Daiso Lashes from one of her many trips to San Francisco~

Thank you to all my friends who think of me while their away!!!
I will have a lot of reviews coming up~ Till next time!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sekai No Kuchikomi UPDATE!!!!!

So last night thanks too Aoi  a fan on diamond facebook page.
I was able to discover that TSUBSA MASUWAKA loves us too~~~
She posted on her blog how she wants to meet us some day!!!
Tsubsa we wanna meet you too ;_;
Link to her message

Not only that, but they have uploaded the series to youtube high definition~ omg hahah

Part 1

Thank you for reading~

Sunday, February 20, 2011

DIAMOND's Do it better!

Hey there I wont go too much into details since Val did a wonderful write up of our segment with the help of Tricia and her Boyfriends translations but recently we were featured on a japanese tv program called  "Sekai No Kuchikomi Atsumemashita" produced by NTV

Basically the show is about a collection of rumors heard throughout the world. Reporters were sent out to find out if these rumors were true or not and to explain in detail what it is all about. Though it is more of a parody.

The show starts off as a Princess explaining about the rumors in each location which is followed by video clips and commentary about the people featured.

There was a rumor in Japan that there was gal-sas in the US and the fashion style was becoming very in the states. Special guest watch the clips along with the "Princess" and give their reactions on everything that goes on.

In this program a couple of our special guest were members of the popular girl group AKB48.
Behind the scenes from that day!

Our gal-codes was:
  • Your hair must be very teased and big (mori mori)
  • You must know Para Para
  • You must eat yoshigyu (yoshibeef standing for yoshinoya.)
  • and you must LOVE Tsubasa Masuwaka.

of course none of these codes are true!

Once Tricia told me a friend of hers in japan saw us on TV, I quickly started searching for information on the video. After about 2-3 hours online with the most helpful Grace! I manage to find a full length video of the special.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fashion Week NYC 2011

The most hottest and fashionable topic all over the web, Fashion week!
Designers from all over showed off their latest designs for Fall/Winter(Feb 10-17th)
Designers such as Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Vera Wang, Marchesa, Reem Acra, Anna Sui,
Tadashi Shoji (to name a few) showcased a lovely selection of beauty-in-material-form all throughout the week.
Here are some of my favorite photos fresh off the runway. (photo credit goes to Yahoo!)

Monique Lhuillier

Betsey Johnson



The Blonds

(Photo Credit
Not only are the designs absolutely gorgeous; the hair styles are fun, chic, creative, and fabulous! Which Apparently Conair had a big part in making that happen! Personally I love their products... mostly all my hair tools are from Conair. Their affordable and good quality. 
Hopefully one day I will actually be able to make it to New York somehow to witness Fashion Week live!
I know most of my followers are into the Gyaru fashion, but are there any other styles that are your guilty pleasures?

Until next time! xoxo

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review

So yesterday my mother picked up one of the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips for me.
So I thought I would try them out and post my review here for everyone!!!

The style I will be reviewing today is :
Cheetah Print!(of course)
The style number for this one is : 320 Kitty, Kitty

[If anyone knows me well enough, they know I LOVE LOVE LOVE My cheetah/ leopard prints.
Even when I was little my parents would buy me stationary, clothes, anything with Cheetah/Leopard print on it~ ]

I apologize for the first set of blurry pictures. They were taken from my Itouch.

The box says:
* The polish can last up to 10 days.
*No dry time
*Peel and Apply
*Can be removed with Polish Remover
*Fits all nails.

Inside the box contains:
-16 Nail Polish Strips
-Cuticle Stick
-Mini File & Buffer

Cuticle Stick, Mini File and Buffer, 16 Polish Strips

Mini File(front side)

Buffer(back side)

Nail Polish Strips 
These are what the Nail polish strips look like when you remove them from the package.
There will be two packs of 8.
The have a clear protective cover on the front, and a smooth paper backing on the opposite side.

Above is a basic front and side view of what the strips look like when first applying to your on nails.

 This is what they look like once applied.

Over all I give this product a 4/5

-It requires a little bit more work than the instructions makes it seem.
Actually the instructions pretty much suck.
-The instructions suggest you pull gently so they stretch over your nail for a perfect fit. I don't recommend this at all because you will see stretch marks on the design.
-Even though they are not like rice paper thin and have some durability to them, I highly recommend handling them gently especially around the tip to avoid any rips and tears.
-You have to work with them a bit to get them to completely stick to your nails, so make sure your nails are clean and dry!

-For a cute fun design these are pretty worth it.
-The application process can be a bit difficult when using this for the first time but after a while it becomes simple and you will have a better understanding of how to actually apply the Nail Strips.
-The quality of the nail strips is pretty good.
There is no drying time and they have a glossy finish to them.

As of now I am unsure if you can apply these to false nails. That is something i'm going to have to test out for next time.

Places to purchase:
I'm not sure if they can be purchased at places like Target yet.
But at the grocery store Ralphs they carry them for $14.99
And at Wal-mart they have them for $8.50

Would I buy them again?
Yes, I think so special 1-day events they are great for a fun, creative style that will save you a trip to the salon.
I plan to get another style of theirs to apply to false nails so I can deco myself.
I hope this review was helpful!!!!

Friday, February 04, 2011

In love with Mr. Sandman!!!

This week I have actually been getting some sleep. I had been so wrapped up in homework and other DIAMOND related stuff that I couldn't sleep. This will only be a small update since im kinda tired~

Since the other gals already blogged about it, I wont go too much into detail.
on 1/29/11 We all hung out for the day, some sort of Top Secret Mission! It was intense... lives were lost.

Heres a cute photo to remember the day.
Val,Michi,Tricia,Dolly, and Mie
There was some.. Para Para involved...yea.. like I said.. intense.
Don't remember much about the day sides some weird guys yelling at me, Val loosing her keys screaming in panic which causes my boom box to magically turn on playing serious dramatic music, and us talking about the Three Lights from Sailor Moon xDDD.

Tempura!!! and Salmon Teriyaki <3

Val and I..apparently I only took photos with her haha

Then the very next day I had to wake up for my best friend Sam Dad's wedding....that was.. interesting...

Xinger and Bill Ceasan

Yea... look how happy we are.

Since the crazyness died I was finally able to finish my Sailor Moon Brooch Cross-stitch!!! I found the pattern on this website and figured.. hey why not! It was very time consuming though.

I've been able to relax and watch some movies for once.. it has been nice <3. I really need to change the style of my blog.. sadly coding is not my specialty. Well it times to head to bed. My Camwhore shot of the night. Excuse/Ignore any types.. im sleepy haha