Monday, March 21, 2011

Lime Crime Giveaway!!!!

I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers!!!
I have reached 200 already~
Thank you to those who regularly comment on my post and reviews ^^. 

Now onto the giveaway! I know, another one so soon?! Well I love you guys that much.

 Lime Crime is offering one follow a chance to try any color LIP STICK of their choice!!!
For those of you who have no idea who they are allow me to brighten your day~

From the website:

Like most real-life fairy tales, Lime Crime began as one girl's dream to make the world a brighter place. New York makeup artist, blogger, and self-proclaimed "Unicorn Queen", Doe Deere couldn't find makeup bright enough for her tastes, so she teamed up with a group of chemists to create  makeup "so bright, it's illegal"!

And their not kidding when they say BRIGHT! Check out a few of their eye shadows below!!! I want them all. Seriously.

And if that isn't enough look at their new Lip Colors featured in the opening picture from their new POP ROMANCE collection~

To enter as always you MUST be a follow of this blog.

Fill out the form below AND leave a comment with your email address!

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EDIT: You MUST fill out the form above and leave a comment with your email address to enter this giveaway. Commenting below asking me to enter you in this giveaway WITHOUT filling out the form will not grant you a participation entry. 
If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Giveaway ends Saturday April 9th, 2011 @ 12:00am pst. 

Any entries after that will NOT be valid. 

I am no way affiliated with Lime Crime.  I have no rights to any of the products above. Pictures are NOT of my own unless stated otherwise. I am not held responsible for any loss or damage during the shipping process.
I promise to not sell, trade or misuse any personal information given to me. Details on giveaway can be altered at any time without notice. I have the right to refuse certain entries. Prize will be shipped withing 2-4 weeks after winner is announced.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

GAL Love ~I HEART Shizuka~

Today has been really Blah for me. So I want to post something that cheers me up
and that would be the lovely Shizuka Muto.
She models for Ageha and is my personal favorite!!!

Her DIAMOND Lash Commercial.

She is a big inspiration for me. Even though I don't rock the agejou style like she does.
She also has her own lounge wear line called Rady

Photos taken from her ameblo

From Pachinko love~

ARGH Such a cute commerical!!!

Whose your favorite GAL?! (does not have to be a model)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Too Faced: NEW! Pixie Pin Ups

Hi everyone!!! So I'm definitely trying to update more!!! Recently Too Faced Cosmetics was having their Vintage Sale in which a lot of discontinued  items were up to 85% off!!! Tomorrow March 20th, is the last day so be sure to hurry and grab what you can! When the sale first opened they had two palette sets. One of which was their NEW Pixie Pin Ups Make Up Collection. $15.00($60 Value). Too Faced is one of my FAVORITE brands so I just had to have this. This set sold out fast and will not be restocked. I'm glad I was able to get it while I had the chance.

The box cover contains both photo and written details of what the collection contains.
-Six Eyes Shadows
-1 Mini Shadow Insurance
-1 Mini Lava Gloss
-1 Mini Lash Injection.

The collection box itself is basically the same design as the box cover but much more detailed. The
"diamond" part is basically covered in glitter!!! Which gives a nice effect and looks beautiful in real life. In the instead there is also you can see i'm really fond of the glitter haha.
I really love the overall design. Below are some more detailed photos.

The collection contains six colors. Four of them are ~glittery~. Yup thats my word for today. Hate it or love it...  
Top row Left to right: Leading Lady, I Know What Boys want, Lucky Charms.
Bottom row Left to right: Heaven, Like a Virgin, Erotica.         

Mini Shadow Insurance

Mini Lava Gloss- Black (my #1 Too Faced product)

(Mini Lash Injection)

Over all this was a really great buy for $15!!!!! The colors are very pretty and the packing deserves an A+. Shipping was super fast, mostly because they are located in Irvine which is very close to Los Angeles.
Thank you for reading~ Please comment below telling me what you think about this collection
This item was purchased by myself and was not sent to me for promotional advertisement. I am no way affiliated with Too Faced Cosmetics. Pictures are of my own unless stated otherwise.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Carnivale of Beauty Event!!!!!!

Hey everyone~!!! Sorry for the lack of personal updates. I wasn't really able to go out much. Plus I had to get those reviews out of the way :) Again I would like to thank all my new followers!!!

So a friend of mines Melissa accompanied me to 's:

Carnivale of Beauty Event
held at LIVE! On Sunset in Hollywood.

Tickets were to be purchased beforehand online.

Upon arrival we were greeted by some friendly staff members who check us off the guest list
and handed us our SWAG bag!!

Tickets where then handed out to whichever activity you wanted to go to first.
The complimentary services were:

  • Dr. Jane San Juan- Facial Wanding
  • Plush Beauty Bar- Eyebrow Waxing and Polish Changes
  • Jane Iredale- Make Up Application
  • W3LL People- Make Up Application
  • Evolue Beauty - Make Up Application
  • A' La Mode Studio- Dry Styling
  • Xsura- ?? 
  • Kevin Moshier- Dry Styling and Blow outs

Haha the kind lady in the front suggested maybe I could first do Hair Stying since all the other services had a pretty long wait..sorry lady.. this is "Prisila" ... no one touches this LOL

Instead Melissa took on that service so I waited with her.

Lovely Melissa

Hair Styling Service

Shes getting all the attention!!!

Store Set Up

The shop was very spacious! Lots of cute clothes on display, jewelry, books, they even had baby clothes!!! There was some cute underwear that caught my eye~ Maybe next time.

Finished~ Work dat up do!

Afterwards we headed over to the Eyebrow waxing station hoping to get a clean up! This was also where the Mini Mani service was being held...which made it a bit chaotic because people were unsure who was in line for what.

Me getting my eyebrows cleaned up!
 Had to revive my Prisila wigs for the occasion.. it was a task but with plenty of curling, combing, brushing, and leave in conditioner it ended up looking decent? Although I did get a lot of compliments and was asked did I do it myself.

Here was of course.. OUR favorite part!
The food~
Exactly how to win my heart. Food, Make up, Prisila~

First we found the magical table of candy!!! They had clear plastic bags that you can fill up with the treats they had displayed. Also cute little baggies of cotton candy!!!

Right next to the table was Desserts courtesy of Chubster Bakery
Their table was basically a cookie and brownie paradise. Everyone here was so friendly. They let us try one of everything. Their S'mores bar was a HIT! Staff with trays walked around handing them out throughout the night. 

Appetizers from Zelda's Corner Deli

They provided some of their  Turkey, Ham and Swiss and Tomato Mozzarella sandwiches. 5 stars for the Ham sandwich!! It was delicious...I cant even stress enough how much I loved it..shamefully I went back for seconds haha... the woman said it was made by some polish man.. sounds legit.
She handed us $10 gift certificates to use if we ever go to the shop in Venice. Um, YES!!!! I will definitely be visiting~

Nice bar area were we sat for awhile before heading out. 

Now i'm pretty sure you want to know what was in the SWAG Bag~

This was a small sample size gift bag from Jane Iredale.
It came with a Just Kissed Lip Plumper
Lip Drink
Thickening and Lengthening Mascara
and PureLash Extender and Conditioner. 

...I kid you not. The Lip Plumper smells just like a cinnamon roll...and the Lip Drink smells like Pink Lemonade. The smell alone is amazing!

A sample size kit of Lumixyl Topical Brightening System. It contains a Cleaner, Cream, Ex foliating Land Sunscreen. Such cute packaging! Its suppose to help with dark spots and blemishes. I will definitely be needing this.

A nice full amount of Lumene Age Defying Cream. I have yet to open this one up. Although I really like the packaging and the amount they give.

 A nice full size of Xsura Day Time Cream, Restore Complexion. Im praying this will also help repair my recent break out!

EVERYDAY MINERALS!!!  Its everywhere you guys!!! If you haven't already checked out my giveaway PLEASE DO SO! This is their full size of Short Cake! This one is very shimmery and  pigmented. Its darker than the other two I recently reviewed.

Ends 3/31 so hurry and get your entries in!

W3LL People, A mineral brand. This is a full size of their Elitist 83. Which is basically a golden bronze. It is very pretty  in real life as well. Although the photo is basically true to color. (I hope haha). Melissa received the same one and we both love it!!!

So overall it was a very nice put together event! I enjoyed myself and look forward to more of Pretty City's events in the LA area! I can't wait to try out all the skin care products. I'll have to get back to you guys on those. Thank you Melissa for joining me.. and the Tazo Tea <3

Till next time!