Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

As most of you already know a  massive 8.9 earthquake happened in Japan on March 11th centering in Sendai.

As of now there are  68 death reported (at the time I am writing this). With numbers still rising.
 Following after the earthquake was a Tsunami flooding the coast of Japan. There has been live coverage of cars being swept down the street, boats, etc. Many homes and cars were destroyed while streets are left with debris. There has been many aftershocks that are still occurring. Please pray for japan!!

A very dear friend of mines in Japan sent me photos of her Job. A local game shop that she works at.

This is only but minimal damage compared to buildings, and streets that are completely damaged.
If you have any friends or loved one in Japan right now please let me know if they are alright.

 I managed to hear back from 2 of my friends, But one who currently resides in kamakura (right next to the beach) has not yet responded.

This has been recorded as the 7th largest earthquake in history. Their stock market completely crashed It will be hard for Japan to recover after this. 


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