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Everyday Minerals Review

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Today is another review sponsored by Everyday Minerals founded by Carina Menzies based in Austin Texas.

I recently heard about Everyday Minerals through Dolly who recommended them to me because I was in need of a good blush!
They sent me a few products they wanted me to write a review about.
Comfy- Pearl Eyes
In the Garden- Pearl Eyes (Travel Size)

In The Garden-Pearl 

Here are some details about this brand provided by  Everyday Minerals:

"Everyday Minerals products are free of nanotechnology, carmine,
dimethicone, fragrance, animal by products, bismuth oxychloride,
silicone and lake dyes. We are a vegan line, offering high quality
mineral makeup at a price affordable to all women."

Everyday Minerals is about:
 1)   Being healthy. That means taking care of my skin by using all-natural products that are actually good for it! That's why I started this mineral makeup company.
2)   Saving money. I am not going to pay 25-40 bucks on foundation. Period.
Our products are ridiculously inexpensive.  That's also why I started this mineral makeup company. Women shouldn't have to pay a premium for looking stunning.
3)   Thinking globally in everyday actions. As a woman and mother with a daughter, women’s issues are very important to me. At Everyday Minerals, we believe that women’s issues are the moral battleground of this century. As such, we recently launched our Everyday Forward mission, in which all proceeds from a designated product go to a selected woman’s charity, such as,,, and One day every woman in the world will be given the love, dignity, and appreciation they deserve to fulfill their gifts and dreams."

Yes, I did copy and paste this directly from the email. But I wanted everyone to read WORD FOR WORD what Everyday Minerals is exactly about. Quality my friends. Offering healthy, low cost, environmentally friendly cosmetics. I appreciate the time and thought they put into the needs of women who need it most!!!

Moving onto the actual review now.

 Like Lady Bird Lake & Rhapsody In Peach

So starting off with the blushes.
They are both very similar in color although one is slightly darker.
Both containers are .19oz/5.5g and come with a slide cover so no blush will spill onto the lid while traveling.

As you can see above; Like Lady Bird Lake is slightly darker, while Rhapsody in peach has a softer pigment to it. Personally I like Like Lady Bird Lake more because it is close to the color I normal use which is "Sprung!" which is a much deeper color and tends to show up on my skin much better.

Currently I only have a photo of me wearing Rhapsody in peach, which was still hard to capture on photo.

As you can see it is very light and faint. Just a small hint of color to highlight my cheeks.
Sadly I might not be able to use this particular color again.
I ended up having a break out with this one unfortunately.
Not all blushes work with my skin. After it heals and I am able to try Like Lady Bird Lake I will let you guys know the results!! Haha although I might just end up having to stick with my normal color.

NOTE: Their color Sprung! did not have this effect on me. Again its just some colors that cause this. What works for someone else may not always work for me.

Overall I really did like both colors. If you have a lighter yellowish skin tone I think these colors would work best for you. Or if you just want something light not too strong.

Pearl Eyes
The two Eye Shadows I have are
In the Garden and Comfy.
Now i'm not a big fan of colors that are more in the "brown" family so I usually don't purchase colors like these. 
Comfy was sent to me in one of their full size  .09oz/2.5g containers.
This color is absolutely beautiful!!! It is bronze color with specks of shimmery gold.

Close up to capture the shimmer.

Close up Comfy out of container.
When you pour a bit of it out of the container. It really just looks like its dark brown with a metallic shine to it. The true magic comes when you begin to apply it.

I know; shame on me for not doing my eyebrows. 
(the shimmer is much more noticeable in person)
I LOVE Comfy. I really do. Normally I would not even think about purchasing colors like this. But this one has definitely changed my mind. It works perfect for a natural style! And the gold tint to it really does add a bit of glamor.

Now  In The Garden  was sent to me in their Travel Size.
Everyday Minerals offers a convenient  "To-go"  container which allows you to easily apply the eye shadow by simply rolling it on!! Neat right?

Now as for the color, it was nice on its own. But not really working for me. In fact it didn't really want to show up on my skin at all as dark as it was! So no photo of me wearing that.

A part of this may have been due to not enough of it releasing from the roll-on container. I would probably have to try it out with a different color to see if that is actually the reason why.
I still like the idea of it being easily able to apply anywhere you go. I think this would be great for touch ups and last minute occasions. Or even if your just away from home and want to throw on some make up.

Products: 4/5
This would have been a 5/5 had I not had trouble with Rhapsody in Peach causing me to break out.
Other than that I still really love their products.

Communication: 5/5
Fast Response. Very friendly and helpful. I really do like that it felt more like a personal level because they asked me questions about the products I have previous used. Rather than just replying with "thanks for the email"

Overall score:
I give Everyday Minerals a 5/5! I absolutely love their products.
Their pearl eyes section is an absolute must!
I think you really just have to find the color that works best for you. And a combination of minerals that your skin can handle.

They do offer free "Try Me Free" sample sets that you can test to see if they are for you. Just pay shipping! First trying them out. I got their "Tan" set.

So now I have a question for you all:

Would you try Everyday Minerals?  
Leave your answer in the comment box! I want to know what everyone thinks.

Thank you for taking the time and checking out the review.

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