Friday, March 11, 2011

Sibu Beauty Skin Care Review

Hi everyone! Today I will be reviewing 3 products sent to me by Sibu Beauty!

Sibu Beauty Specializes in skin care products that are said to rejuvenate damaged skin and preserve healthy skin tone and texture. What makes them so special? Their main ingredient is Sea Buckthorn!
Don't know what that is?  Its a small orange color fruit that grows in the Tibetan Himalayas.
Rich in exclusive essential fatty acid Omega-7, this fruit helps the production of healthy skin, nail and hair!

Founded by Bruce McMullin in 2003, Sibu has released several products promoting the
benefits of using Sea Buckhorn to heal and protect  ones skin!

To review Sibu Beauty Sent me the following:
Facial and Body Soap
Seed Oil
Daytime Facial Cream

First up we have the Face and Body Bar. Used to Cleanse and Detox skin to help purify and recover.

The bar is 3.5 oz and comes wrapped sealed in a  plastic cover.The smell is really sweet!
I had used this for about almost a week immediately after my major break out.While it did not 
     really help the acne and redness, it did however make my skin really clean and smooth even after the first use! I still do plan to use this every night to clean my skin!  

Would I buy this again?

Next is the Seed Oil, said to aid in the relief of skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, acne, dermatitis etc.

The bottle is a 10ml small glass bottle. The smell resembles Oats or Grains.
I rubbed about 2-4 drops of this on my skin every night. Especially in the break out area.
Same results with the soap. It did not help the acne or redness, but it did make my skin feel smooth in the morning. I recommend using this directly after cleaning your face with their Face and Bar soap.

Would I purchase again?
Most likely not. I found better results using the Face and Bar soap.

The last product is their Daytime Facial Cream.
Sorry I do not have my own photo.

It comes in a 1 fl oz glass bottom with a small pump dispenser.
At first I had trouble getting the product to release from the pump. Though after a few tries it began to work properly. I used this for a few days after cleaning my face with the Sea Buckhorn Soap and it left my skin feeling very smooth and soft!!! I found this to be a good replacement instead of the oil.
The smell if very sweet and has a hint of citrus to it! It basically smells like Orange.

Would I buy this again?
YES!!!! It left my skin feeling very smooth.
And so far I have had no break outs when using any of the following products.

Overall score: 4/5
While it did not help the acne it did make my skin feel nice and soft.
This would be good as a daily cleanser.
It did not cause me to break out at all nor did any of the products irritate my skin.

All products are made using 100% natural ingredients.

If you are looking for a product that is good for leaving your skin silky and clean than I recommend Sibu Beauty!

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I am no way affiliated with Sibu Beauty. This products were sent to me to give my honest review.
I was no paid to do this review.

Thank you for reading!!!

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