Monday, July 25, 2011

Bored at Home, Make Me Up!

Hey there!
Whose ready for winter vacation?! I AM
Why? Because its just way too hot.
I was born in the winter and prefer this season more.
Winter means boots season and anyone who knows me knows MIE LOVES BOOTS.

Because its so hot outside I really rather not leave. So i've been inside playing around with make up and watching Korean dramas. I finished Boys over Flowers and as ashamed as I am to admit it.. I loved it.
My mom watched it before me and drove me nuts about the Ji Hoo character. She even has his photo on her desktop background and her cellphone. It took me awhile to get around to it but im glad I finally did.
Only bad part is now every time I go to sleep I have a dream about one of the F4 members.. which is not necessarily a bad thing. My favorite scene is when they go to Macau and Play hide and seek. Cutest thing ever!

The other day I decided to get all dolled up even though I had no where to go. Story of my life much?

Sad that out of what? 70 Photos taken only these 3 came out looking nice. Must be nice being photogenic.
I can't find my favorite Eyes Chic Lashes so I had to draw on bottom lashes myself. I will probably end up buying another set since they were my favorite.

Kkcenterhk sent me another eye shadow palette the other week. Their Beauty Angel Eye shadow palette Gold Edition.

It is very thin and compact. A+ for travel purposes. It appears to look like just a small magazine.

The other 4 choices of the books you can choose. I think each eye shadow color set is different in each book.

Below the eyeshadows on blues, a applicator and a small mirror.

I tested only 6 colors. Top swatches are those that have been tested with primer
and the bottom swatches are those without a primer. You can really see the difference in the top layer.
The primer layer is much brighter. If you didn't use a primer with these eye shadows they will surely fad away in a matter of minutes.

Here are the blushes. These are the ugliest blushes I have ever seen. One is not really pigmented.. its more of just like a link pale pink chalk you could really hardly see it. And the other one is like a bright red.
Who would even use these?? They need to rethink about these blushes cause these are pretty bad.
Below are just a couple of eye looks I did using this palette.
[Click to Enlarge photos]

Overall thoughts on the palette? Meh its okay. The eye shadows aren't terrible but they are not that great either. I didn't like the pigmentation of them. They seemed pretty chalky not really smooth if that makes any sense whatsoever.
I hated the blushes.. I can't stress that enough.
The packaging is cute so I give it credit for that.
The palette would be good if you didn't want to waste your good eye shadows and needed a quick something on the go.

That's it for today! Turns out now I will be having two giveaways.
I'll leave you guys with a photo of delicious yogurtland for now

Friday, July 22, 2011

Say hello to Venti Anni USA!!!

Hello to all my beautiful Gals and Guys!
Today I wanted to share with you the launch of Venti Anni USA
Earlier this year Japan's famous women's shoe retailer Venti Anni released their English website promoting the launch of their US branch. Located in Los Angeles, California Venti Anni USA offers the same stylish boots, pumps, wedges etc without the hassle of going through a shopping service.
Venti Anni has been repeatedly featured in magazines such as ViVi, Nuts, Blenda, and Jelly. Producing new sexy styles that are always in trend.  Whether your into a seductive agejou style or sweet floral fashion
Venti Anni caters to all the hottest gyaru styles. Below are just a few of their most popular/newest releases they have in store.
[Click photos to enlarge]

Find Venti Anni USA on Twitter and Facebook!
 Make sure you "Like" Venti Anni USA on facebook to receive 20% off through their Friend Promotion!!!
To redeem your discount after liking their page please email them at

I hope by supporting Venti Anni this could lead to the start of more gal brands launching in the US.
What do you guys think? Hot or Not?
I am not affiliated with Venti Anni or Venti Anni USA. I do not claim to own any of the images above or the rights to Venti Anni or Venti Anni USA. These images were sent to me for promotional use only. The logo above is not the official Venti Anni logo it was created by myself as a header for personal use only.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Christmas in July? Birch Box opening!

Hi Hi!
 I have so many new followers! I'm very grateful~
Please don't feel shy linking me to your own blogs.
Sometimes I can not see them on your profiles and i'd love to see the things my readers write about themselves :)

Today's post is something a little bit different. For both June and July I have been receiving the Birchbox.
Whats a Birchbox you ask? Well for those of you who don't know it is a monthly box that comes in the mail which contains samples (sometimes full size) products of different make up, skin care, and hair care items.
For those people who are always afraid of trying something new, not sure what type of products they need, or hate buying full size products and not liking the results the Birchbox is perfect! Why? Because its only $10.00 a month. That's it. No extra shipping charge, No extra taxes/fees. Just 10 bucks.
Sometimes the full size products can be worth more than the box itself, making it so worth it!
Not everyone gets the same box. Some boxes are different based on the personal survey you take when you first sign up.

I could not find my camera during June to be able to show you the first box I received. This is the July Edition which is a collaboration with Cynthia Rowley. Their first Designer box. 

When you first open the box you receive this info card. Which contains a list of the products you received in your specific box along with a price list of how much its full size price retails for.

Okay wtf on the snack bar on the top? No seriously... what the hell.
On the left is the Redken Shine Brilliance (although they spell it brillance)
and on the right is the Ahava Hand cream.
I have yet to use the Shine spray but I have used the Hand Cream
In a weird way it smells like Japan. It has this.. certain smell that was either my suit case or something I use to use while I was there. Since my hands are already super smooth I really don't feel much difference. But it does smell nice and it's always nice to hydrate your hands once in awhile.

Apparently Cynthia really loves this snack. That's very nice but, I don't want food in my Birch Box.
Its awkward... um. with that being said I already ate it......
I had cramps and needed something to take my medicine with..ironically since I was unable to move and the Birchbox was closest to me I ended up having to eat the Kind Fruit and Nut bar. It was pretty good. I think if you are going on a good healthy diet you would be able to snack on these and it would keep you full till your next meal. I really like the Apricot taste. I'm not such a fan of Almonds. But I will eat them. 

On the left is the Philosophy Facial Cleanser. I've already use it and I really liked it.
I have very sensitive skin and i'm praying it won't make me break out...please I just cleared up my face about 80%...
On the right is the Zoya Nail Polish. It does not look the same in person as it does in my photos.
It's color is straight up Nude. Think neutral colors. Like a champagne nude color.
I'm actually wearing it now and have grown to like it.

Overall thoughts on July Birch box. 
It's okay. I liked the Zoya Nail Polish and the Ahava Hand Cream the most.. This box really was nothing special for me.  Since I have my weave I can use the Shine Spray but normally I would have no use for it. I have yet to decide if I like the facial cleanser or will it be too harsh for my skin.
Just no to the Kind Bar. It was good but that's not the reason I subscribed to the Birch Box.

Last month they provided a sample of Kate Spade's Twirl which I ended up getting the full size of.
This month I don't see me buying any of the products in full size.
As of now I believe they only ship within the US.
But there are different version's of the Birch Box around the world.
Singapore- Bella Box
UK-Boudoir Prive
UK- Glossy Box
Brazil-Glossy Box
Korea- Glossy Box
  Germany- Glossy Box
France- Glossy Box
                                 France- Jolie Box(Thanks Shabwouina)
                                     Germany-Boobox(Also available in Austria and Switzerland, Thanks Anna!)
 Canada-Luxe Box

I'm sure there are other ones out there in different countries. (I only named those that are around the same price as the Birch Box)

Well that's it for talking about the Birchbox. I no longer have a job so after the weekend I will have to look for a new one. If anyone in the LA area is hiring do let me know, I have a shopping disorder I need to feed~. Make up doesn't buy itself!
Currently i'm addicted to this Korean Drama called 49 days. I have not finished it yet so NO SPOILERS please! Have an awesome weekend <3

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Feeling fancy? New lashes and Friends!

Hi yall~
Today isn't so hot! Im so happy
Im usually not able to sleep because of the heat but today is a really nice day!

A few weeks ago Kkcenterhk sent me two pairs of their newest lashes to review.
ES Natural Cross False Lashes ($6.50 for a box of 10 pairs)
Clear Band False Lashes($8.00 for a box of 10 Pairs)
Clear Band Lashes.

Both of the lashes come in similar boxes. Although I was slightly disappointed this time around
because both my lashes boxes came in a okay condition. There was no water damage or anything but they were dented and
squished. If I was purchasing those as a gift I would be upset giving away a damaged box
This is what the Clear Band lashes look like.

This is what the Cross Lashes look like.

I really like the style of the Clear Band Lashes. But as you can see the clear band
is still pretty visible. It kinda defeats the purpose of it being clear. You could always cover it with liquid eyeliner.

I give these a 3.5 out of 5
+The price is cheaper than most of their $13.00 x10 box Lashes
+I like the style and length of the lashes
-Packaging did not come in excellent condition
- The clear band is visible.
These are the Natural Cross Lashes. At first I didn't really like these because they didn't show up too well.
But they are basically doing their job. Basically giving a more "extended" look without looking too dramatic. There are some days were less is more and in this case these would come in handy.

I give these a 4.5/5
+Love the style
+Does give a more natural look.
+Fairly priced for a box of 10 pairs.
+Box was damaged

This pass week a friend of mines Kammie of Minty Mix was in town for our
local anime conventions. I was able to meet up with Kim and the others so we can shop in the Downtown Fashion District, grab some Ice Cream at Scoops and have another wonderful meal at Sashi's
here is my previous post from Sashi basically my new favorite restaurant. 

One of my favorite little babies! Haru, he is such a little diva.
He posed and smiled for the camera. 

Look at him posing! He wasn't even sitting like that till I pulled out the camera!!!
He looks like a baby Grandpa!

Starting at Sashi~ Don't even know what this was was delicious. 

I don't know what this was either but.. it was also delicious.
I think I like Sashi so much because each dish has the right amount of flavor that I personally prefer.
Also the right combination. Most places don't fix food the way I like it but Sashi has yet to fail me.

This was my Spicy Tempura Roll~ 

Spicy Tuna Roll.

Micheal and his Bikini Roll~

Some of the best Gyoza I have ever tasted.

My FAVORITE Item on the special menu. Dungeness Crab Roll!
Topped with Parmesan cheese~ It is... heaven
I even had a dream about it last night. That it cost $300 and I could not afford that T^T

Now onto Dessert! Starring Korillakkuma~ 

Huge Watermelon Shaved Ice, topped with Ice Cream and I think there was ice cream on the bottom
Sadly it was devoured before I could try it. The watermelon shaved ice was...literally magic.
1 person alone could not finish that.

This was like some type of s'more thing. I don't know but it was good too 8D 

Spicy Chocolate Macarons. I've come to realize that.. I do not
like the ice cream very much. I personally don't like Sweet and Spicy mixed together
and the spiciness is very overwhelming. The macaron itself is delicious though!
Thanks again to Henry for another awesome dinner~

That is the end of this update. It was more about the food as you can tell >_>

Oh yea I almost forgot. So I guess its giveaway time already O:
I'll post an update soon but here's a hint Make sure you "Like" No Beauty Limits on Facebook