Thursday, July 07, 2011

Vegas Purchases+ Blog Awards

Hey everyone!
Enjoying your summer?
Its HOT in LA, like a little too hot. I was born in the winter so im not really
fond of this heat. When I was in Vegas I did a little bit of shopping.
I was good and didn't spend too much!

My cousin Vicky gave me my early Christmas gift!
She bought me the Daycation Large Leila cosmetics bag from Kate Spade.
Its covered in giraffes that walk in pairs. She knows about my love for giraffes and just had to get it for me. Its part of their newest collection. Along with the make up bag, she gave me a matching
Keychain!!! Its adorable~ More and more I love Kate Spade because of her.

If any of you guys are subscribed to the Birchbox ( a monthly box that comes to your house with different samples of cosmetics products) you would have gotten Kate Spade's sample of their perfume Twirl.
I ended up becoming a big fan of this product so when I was Vegas I picked up the Large bottle. Again with the help of my cousin xDD
I actually don't like many perfumes so when I find one I like I must have it.
Do you have a favorite perfume??

So prettyyyyy. Its kinda heavy so I'm always afraid of holding it, I don't want to drop it.

Bath and Body works was having their 75% of Semi Annual sale.
Usually I don't buy anything. But when I saw they had full size Sweet Pea Lotion
I ended up getting two. Original Prize $10.50 each. I got them both for $5.
Sweet Pea is...heaven. It literally is the best scent they have there. Nothing else can compare. I'm like smelling it now as I type this.

Also I stopped by Victoria Secret for a Bra fitting and to pick up some Slice of Heaven lip gloss.
It seems every time I go to Victoria Secret I always get bigger..time for new bras.
I only wear VS's lip gloss. No one else's. Its my favorite and it goes with whatever lip stick I'm wearing.

Also from my last IMATS post I mentioned Napoleon Perdis giving $50 gift cards to those who are bloggers/youtubers. Although you can only use it at their concept stores it really is great for those who
are interested in trying their products.

After spending 1 hour in their store with their helpful staff members Deborah and Eric
I left with their Auto Pilot Skin Primer and their Foundation Stick in Look 4(my skin color).
Also they have me a small jar sample of their Auto Pilot Lip Service which is a lip conditioner to
repair and protect your lips. You only need a tiny dot to cover your lips completely so the small jar sample is actually pretty good!

I've been using this a lot. Its a water based primer. I pair it with my Make Up For Ever HD foundation for the perfect look and flawless skin. It was awesome especially in Vegas! Currently its my go to Skin Primer. I still have a lot left but I feel like you have to use quiet a good amount to get full coverage for your face. We shall see how long it last. If any of you have a good recommendation for a face primer
feel free to let me know!

Foundation Stick (Look 4)
I only tried this on in the store and I really liked the coverage. I have yet to use this any other day.
Once I get a proper brush to apply it with i'll get back to you on this.

The shop staff in the Topanga mall were very helpful and super friendly. Excellent customer service.
They also gave me a hand full of goodies to share with some of my readers. So expect to see those in my giveaways!

Onto the Blog Awards!
I recently received two actually O:
Thank you to both Hitomi Neko and Kitty Vixen85

The Rules:

1. Link back to the person who gave it to you.
2. List 7 things about yourself that you haven't mentioned before
3. Tag 7 people and let them know you done so!
3. Answer the following questions(Butterfly award)

7 Things about me
1. I was born the day after Christmas.
2. I love Pucca more than I love Hello Kitty
4. I refuse to get on the Hollywood Tower of terror at California Adventure because its too scary for me.
5. I have a strange obsession with Ben Barnes(Prince Caspian) and Tom Felton(Draco Malfoy)
6. My favorite movie is Mulan.
7. I can't sleep with any doors open.

Name your favorite color – Mint(changes every year)
Name your favourite song – Dancing Queen ABBA
Name your favourite dessert – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
What is pissing you off? – People without common sense
When you’re upset, you? – Watch Disney Movies, Eat something.
Your favourite pet – Giraffe! Although I don't own one. Also a Pink Panther.
Black or White? – Black~
Your biggest fear? – Heights and Insects.
My best feature is – My waist. It compliments my other curves.
Everyday attitude – Happy until someone upsets me.
What is perfection – Doing something the best you can.
Guilty pleasure – Samples at Costco.. v.v

Tag 7 people! I'm choosing 8.
Grace Reika

I am now going to watch cartoons and eat ice cream and cake balls that my lovely friend Chii made!!

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