Friday, July 22, 2011

Say hello to Venti Anni USA!!!

Hello to all my beautiful Gals and Guys!
Today I wanted to share with you the launch of Venti Anni USA
Earlier this year Japan's famous women's shoe retailer Venti Anni released their English website promoting the launch of their US branch. Located in Los Angeles, California Venti Anni USA offers the same stylish boots, pumps, wedges etc without the hassle of going through a shopping service.
Venti Anni has been repeatedly featured in magazines such as ViVi, Nuts, Blenda, and Jelly. Producing new sexy styles that are always in trend.  Whether your into a seductive agejou style or sweet floral fashion
Venti Anni caters to all the hottest gyaru styles. Below are just a few of their most popular/newest releases they have in store.
[Click photos to enlarge]

Find Venti Anni USA on Twitter and Facebook!
 Make sure you "Like" Venti Anni USA on facebook to receive 20% off through their Friend Promotion!!!
To redeem your discount after liking their page please email them at

I hope by supporting Venti Anni this could lead to the start of more gal brands launching in the US.
What do you guys think? Hot or Not?
I am not affiliated with Venti Anni or Venti Anni USA. I do not claim to own any of the images above or the rights to Venti Anni or Venti Anni USA. These images were sent to me for promotional use only. The logo above is not the official Venti Anni logo it was created by myself as a header for personal use only.

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