Sunday, July 10, 2011

Feeling fancy? New lashes and Friends!

Hi yall~
Today isn't so hot! Im so happy
Im usually not able to sleep because of the heat but today is a really nice day!

A few weeks ago Kkcenterhk sent me two pairs of their newest lashes to review.
ES Natural Cross False Lashes ($6.50 for a box of 10 pairs)
Clear Band False Lashes($8.00 for a box of 10 Pairs)
Clear Band Lashes.

Both of the lashes come in similar boxes. Although I was slightly disappointed this time around
because both my lashes boxes came in a okay condition. There was no water damage or anything but they were dented and
squished. If I was purchasing those as a gift I would be upset giving away a damaged box
This is what the Clear Band lashes look like.

This is what the Cross Lashes look like.

I really like the style of the Clear Band Lashes. But as you can see the clear band
is still pretty visible. It kinda defeats the purpose of it being clear. You could always cover it with liquid eyeliner.

I give these a 3.5 out of 5
+The price is cheaper than most of their $13.00 x10 box Lashes
+I like the style and length of the lashes
-Packaging did not come in excellent condition
- The clear band is visible.
These are the Natural Cross Lashes. At first I didn't really like these because they didn't show up too well.
But they are basically doing their job. Basically giving a more "extended" look without looking too dramatic. There are some days were less is more and in this case these would come in handy.

I give these a 4.5/5
+Love the style
+Does give a more natural look.
+Fairly priced for a box of 10 pairs.
+Box was damaged

This pass week a friend of mines Kammie of Minty Mix was in town for our
local anime conventions. I was able to meet up with Kim and the others so we can shop in the Downtown Fashion District, grab some Ice Cream at Scoops and have another wonderful meal at Sashi's
here is my previous post from Sashi basically my new favorite restaurant. 

One of my favorite little babies! Haru, he is such a little diva.
He posed and smiled for the camera. 

Look at him posing! He wasn't even sitting like that till I pulled out the camera!!!
He looks like a baby Grandpa!

Starting at Sashi~ Don't even know what this was was delicious. 

I don't know what this was either but.. it was also delicious.
I think I like Sashi so much because each dish has the right amount of flavor that I personally prefer.
Also the right combination. Most places don't fix food the way I like it but Sashi has yet to fail me.

This was my Spicy Tempura Roll~ 

Spicy Tuna Roll.

Micheal and his Bikini Roll~

Some of the best Gyoza I have ever tasted.

My FAVORITE Item on the special menu. Dungeness Crab Roll!
Topped with Parmesan cheese~ It is... heaven
I even had a dream about it last night. That it cost $300 and I could not afford that T^T

Now onto Dessert! Starring Korillakkuma~ 

Huge Watermelon Shaved Ice, topped with Ice Cream and I think there was ice cream on the bottom
Sadly it was devoured before I could try it. The watermelon shaved ice was...literally magic.
1 person alone could not finish that.

This was like some type of s'more thing. I don't know but it was good too 8D 

Spicy Chocolate Macarons. I've come to realize that.. I do not
like the ice cream very much. I personally don't like Sweet and Spicy mixed together
and the spiciness is very overwhelming. The macaron itself is delicious though!
Thanks again to Henry for another awesome dinner~

That is the end of this update. It was more about the food as you can tell >_>

Oh yea I almost forgot. So I guess its giveaway time already O:
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