Monday, July 04, 2011

Back from Sin City~

Happy 4th of July everyone!
This is just a short post about my recent trip to Las Vegas.
I went to go visit my cousin Vicky for less than a week. It wasn't as hot as it usually is when ever I visit.

Me trying to be sexy~


We went shopping a lot and basically everyday was visiting new stores and walking the strip.
People watching is so fun. Drunks everywhere! Just gotta be careful to keep your distance from them.
It was sad to see cops on the side of the street watching over forgotten babys. Infants who were forgotten
by their parents and left alone. Sad stuff.
TIP: If your gonna walk the strip (road where all the popular hotels and shops are)
do it at night. Its much cooler and most of the shops are still open so you don't have to worry about rushing to buy things.


So pretty~  usually the streets are crazier than that but it was during the middle of the week I took this photo.
TIP: If you are planning to take a bus on the strip check to see if it is an Express bus or a Deuce Bus. Express buses are free but have limited stops. Deuce buses you have to pay to get on. Its best to buy a Day Pass so you don't have to keep paying to get on. If you purchase a Day Pass off the strip on another deuce bus its much cheaper ($5) and can still be used on the strip.

We went to this cafe in Paris because I really wanted something sweet.
Ended up getting the Opera which is basically like chocolate and coffee filled layers with thin slices of cake. It was pretty big so I couldn't even finish it all.

The following day we went to have lunch and the nordstrom's cafe.
Above is the tomato soup I had. It was pretty good! But below is the Califorina Panini.
I hated it. It was one of the worse meals I had ever had. It did not taste good at all. If I were to ever go there again I would NOT even consider ordering that. I just can't even describe how gross it was.
Whoever made this obviously had no taste buds. I would have gotten dessert here had I not spent $14.00 on the worse meal ever. (not including a drink!)

Fashion Show Mall. This mall is HUGE but it really does have all the shops you need.. and even more.
There is a section of the mall where the floor comes up for people to host fashion shows on .

On friday my cousin took me to 1st Friday where a lot of local bands play, vendors sell handmade art and clothing, and girls have an excuse to dress in corsets in tutus~
It was truly disappointing maybe because my cousin made it sound so wonderful and awesome
that I had high hopes for it. But my only thought was there really is nothing to do in vegas.

Only good thing that came out of this festival was me finding my true love.
Fred my stuffed giraffe lover~ Don't we look so happy together??

On the last day I was there, we went out for All You Can Eat Sushi. I ate way too much.
No one told me what the All-You-Can-Eat included so I didn't take full advantage of the $25 dollars I spent
-__- well if I ever went back there I would know it included Appetizer, Drink, all the sushi, and dessert.

On the ride back to LA I took a earlier bus that was crowded. I just HAPPENED to sit in front of this lady that smelled like she hadn't bathed for days.. which probably was the case. It was horrible and I just prayed that I got back to LA sooner because of how horrible it was.
It was a week worth spent in Las Vegas and i'm glad I was able to go. Thanks Vicky!!

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