Monday, July 25, 2011

Bored at Home, Make Me Up!

Hey there!
Whose ready for winter vacation?! I AM
Why? Because its just way too hot.
I was born in the winter and prefer this season more.
Winter means boots season and anyone who knows me knows MIE LOVES BOOTS.

Because its so hot outside I really rather not leave. So i've been inside playing around with make up and watching Korean dramas. I finished Boys over Flowers and as ashamed as I am to admit it.. I loved it.
My mom watched it before me and drove me nuts about the Ji Hoo character. She even has his photo on her desktop background and her cellphone. It took me awhile to get around to it but im glad I finally did.
Only bad part is now every time I go to sleep I have a dream about one of the F4 members.. which is not necessarily a bad thing. My favorite scene is when they go to Macau and Play hide and seek. Cutest thing ever!

The other day I decided to get all dolled up even though I had no where to go. Story of my life much?

Sad that out of what? 70 Photos taken only these 3 came out looking nice. Must be nice being photogenic.
I can't find my favorite Eyes Chic Lashes so I had to draw on bottom lashes myself. I will probably end up buying another set since they were my favorite.

Kkcenterhk sent me another eye shadow palette the other week. Their Beauty Angel Eye shadow palette Gold Edition.

It is very thin and compact. A+ for travel purposes. It appears to look like just a small magazine.

The other 4 choices of the books you can choose. I think each eye shadow color set is different in each book.

Below the eyeshadows on blues, a applicator and a small mirror.

I tested only 6 colors. Top swatches are those that have been tested with primer
and the bottom swatches are those without a primer. You can really see the difference in the top layer.
The primer layer is much brighter. If you didn't use a primer with these eye shadows they will surely fad away in a matter of minutes.

Here are the blushes. These are the ugliest blushes I have ever seen. One is not really pigmented.. its more of just like a link pale pink chalk you could really hardly see it. And the other one is like a bright red.
Who would even use these?? They need to rethink about these blushes cause these are pretty bad.
Below are just a couple of eye looks I did using this palette.
[Click to Enlarge photos]

Overall thoughts on the palette? Meh its okay. The eye shadows aren't terrible but they are not that great either. I didn't like the pigmentation of them. They seemed pretty chalky not really smooth if that makes any sense whatsoever.
I hated the blushes.. I can't stress that enough.
The packaging is cute so I give it credit for that.
The palette would be good if you didn't want to waste your good eye shadows and needed a quick something on the go.

That's it for today! Turns out now I will be having two giveaways.
I'll leave you guys with a photo of delicious yogurtland for now

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