Monday, August 01, 2011

You had me at "Shoes"~

Wow.. I seriously feel like I have nothing to blog about.
I have so many things to get done and i've been trying to catch them all up over the last few weeks.
Another reason I have not been able to hang out much.

So here's a post with just a bunch of randomness :)
Don't worry i'll have a fashion post coming up sometime soon so you guys wont be stuck hearing about my sad uneventful life.

I finally managed to hang out with my good friends Melissa, Yelena and Christina the other day. Its been awhile since i've seen these beautiful ladies. After chilling at the Thai Cuisine place we headed over to the bakery~ I have a bad weak spot for sweets so you will be seeing A LOT of it on my blog. Along with of course the make up, fashion and events.

Strawberry Shortcake was what I ended up getting. Trust me, it was bomb. Although I think the best Strawberry Shortcake I ever had was one from a Japanese supermarket called Nijiya.
Photo stolen from Melissa, taken by Yelena.
Afterwards we headed to the mall to try on some Chinese Laundry Pumps.
Apparently all the styles we tried on are their best sellers. The store in the Topanga Mall said they sell out fast and he really didn't know when they were getting another shipment.
I can see why they sell fast. They were comfortable and beautiful. 

It was so cute. Christina tried on some Jeffrey Campbell Shoes in Norstrom.
She literally was twirling around prancing through the shoe section cause she was so happy with them. And I admit they looked fabulous on her.
I told her you can find them at Nasty Gal
Do check out their website! They have a great selection of shoes. 

Also for you local babes...
I just wanted to pass along this event that's happening
Jill from a Marketing company asked me to share this with you :)

Elle and Blair Fowler Celebrate the Launch of
Cellairis by Elle & Blair

Date: Tuesday, August 23rd

Timing: 3pm – 6pm PST

Location: Beverly Center (Cellairis Kiosk - Floor 8), 8500 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048

What: To celebrate the launch of Cellairis by Elle & Blair - the limited-edition line of cell phone cases - YouTube stars Elle and Blair Fowler will host a kick-off event at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. Elle & Blair will be onsite greeting fans and giving away free signed cases to the first 100 people to arrive. Guests will enjoy music by DJ Alex Merrell, treats from Crumbs Bake Shop and the chance to win two tickets (hidden in one of the 100 signed cases) to the Taylor Swift concert at the Staples Center that evening.

Do let me know if any of you are planning to attend!
Whoa I just realized I have a giveaway starting tomorrow. So do stick around and keep an eye out for that post.
Also I want to do something a bit different. For those of you who actually blog, feel free to link me to your latest blog post in a comment below. Sometimes I can't find everyone's blog but I do want to know what you write about.

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