Friday, August 05, 2011

Napoleon Perdis- Swept Away Brush Set Review.

Good Evening!
So I recently ordered a brush set from using my gift card
that was given to me by my sponsor.

I decided I wanted to check out the brush set from Napoleon Perdis from their Swept Away Holiday 2010 Collection. I was going to buy it when I went to their Concept Store but it is an item only available online.
Since I saw they had it on Apothica I decided to just go ahead and get so I can share my thoughts with you  guys. They have two colors sets. Cobalt and Teal. I choose Teal.

Napoleon Perdis Online: $39.50
Apothica: $47.40

Apothica does do price matching but I didn't even know till my package came this morning. They only allow up to 5 days of Price Matching.. which I don't really like. They should really extend this

Outside Packaging.

This is an 8 Piece Travel Size Brush Set.
Made with both Natural and Synthetic material.
- 1 Face Brush 
- 1 Foundation Brush 
- 1 Shadow Brush 
- 1 Crease Brush 
- 1 Smudge Liner Brush 
- 1 Angled Liner Brush 
- 1 Mascara Brush 
- 1 Sponge Applicator

On Apothica they did NOT list that this is a Travel Size Brush set. Which is definitely not good.

Comparison of what the length of the brushes look like.

The thickness of the face brush is more oval and not so much roundish.

Face Brush

Comparison to a Sigma Travel Brush. The only difference would be the Sigma Brushes have a longer handle. 

Foundation Brush

Eye shadow Brush

Crease Brush

Smudge Liner Brush

Sponge Applicator

Brow/Mascara brush 

I realized I forgot to take a photo of the eyeliner brush! Sorry.

+Easy to store, Good for traveling
+Nice Packaging
+Brush hairs are tightly packed.
+Soft brushes
+Good starter set.
+Fast Shipping

+Way too pricey.
The set was originally around $70. But now it is reduced to $47 on Apothica which is still way
too much in my opinion for a travel brush kit though I suppose your paying for the name.

Would I recommend this to anyone?
If you really like Napoleon Perdis products, or prefer higher in brand products this is great for you.
Or even looking for a really nice gift for a coworker/friend.

If your on a budget I would suggest ECO-TOOLS! Those are great and a set is like $10.99
They are basically my main set of tools.

Don't forget to check out my Apothica $25.00 Gift Card Giveaway!

What are your favorite brushes?
Thanks for reading!

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