Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mie's Blogger Spotlight

Hey everyone!
Today I'm doing something a little bit different. I've been contemplating if I wanted to do a blogroll or make a brand new page for blogs I follow. But I really didn't like the idea of any of them. Why? Because I felt those things wouldn't really show how I felt about them. It would just be "Hay check out diz gal LOLOL" and not really give a reason why I feel you should check out their blog. Instead I am going to do a blog post once a week featuring some random bloggers and why I enjoy reading their blogs. If you don't make it this week don't worry you could possibly show up on future ones!
Okay enough of the chatter! For these lovely angels below I'm giving them Mie's Sexy Stamp of Approval~

Dinorah Baby

Sexy, Classy and Talented! I had the pleasure of finding Dinorah's Blog awhile back and have been following her ever since. Freak'n drop dead gorgeous I tell you~ She gives really good product reviews and is always honest with her opinion which is one of the main reasons I like her. Dinorah's make up style is usually dramatic and seductive and her blog is mostly a mixture of beauty/daily life. A great combination to get to know her and her style. If you have not stumbled across her blog yet, go check it out NOW. She definitely gets 5 stars for being sexy.

Ninja Sovereign 

Yume Ninja: One of the reasons why shit gets done! This woman right here has so much creativity
and structure its not hard to see why i'm giving her my sexy stamp of approval. But then again she doesn't even need it! She's hot and she knows it. Yume Ninja is one of the two bad ass ladies of Bubble Punch who are responsible for helping host the last few big Sanrio Events such as Small Gift 50th Anniversary and Three Apples Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary..just to name a few. Her blog is a mix of Fashion, Beauty and Daily Life.  She has dipped her royal fingers into all difference types of fashion so don't expect the same thing every time. If your interested in local japanese ,fashion,art themed events you should definitely check her out.

Miss RinRin

Here we have Mz Rin! I'm unsure how I came across her blog. But when I did the first thing I saw was her post about her boyfriend taking her to vegas. Normally im like *jealous jealous* "Don't want to hear about your boyfriend!" But her story was very captivating and I feel in love with her blog ever since. Ironically we have a lot in common in terms of cosmetic products we are both into.  Like myself she has a love for both Asian and American beauty products! She gives great make up reviews and always her own honest opinion. Wait did I mention shes hot?? Don't think I did. But she is. Like Kim Kardashian hot! Sorry if you don't like Kim Kardashian Rin~ So if you like hot chicks such as myself hop on over and follow this angel!

Those are the three angels I am spotlighting today! I have tons of other beauties I want to share with you guys  so I hope you look forward to my other spotlight posts. Who knows maybe you will be next! If you have someone you want to recommend please feel free to email their blog and why you are suggesting them to nobeautylimits [at] yahoo [dot] com

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