Monday, August 29, 2011

Skinny Cow Perfect Cup event photos.

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the late evening post. Its just too hot to think~
Anyways for those of you who follow No Beauty Limits on facebook you know that I post US/local events on there for all of you lovelies can enjoy. I have been talking about Skinny Cow's Perfect Cup Tour which was a US tour event promoting the awareness and importance of wearing the right size bra.Many woman are wearing the incorrect bra size so Skinny Cow teamed up with Warners Bra to help fix that!

The Perfect cup event was free to the public 21+. Anyone younger than 21 was allowed to attend with someone who was of legal age. They were giving out FREE Bra's, FREE Ice Cream and FREE Goodie Bags! Sounds awesome right? I can't deny myself of free ice cream so I attended my local LA location which was held at the Pacific Design Center. My mom and I's scheduled bra fitting was for 12-1pm.

So cute!! The Skinny Cow Car has eyelashes! I just had to grab a photo of this.

Here is where you could grab any flavor ice cream they had to offer. They had two booths like these on both sides of the room. Imagine all the ice cream your heart desires~ Although I can't remembered if they scanned my wrist band to know I already redeemed my free ice cream haha.

Both my mom and I ended up choosing Strawberry Cheesecake
This was a pretty good size scoop they were handing out. The flavor was a bit too sweet but still delicious!
It was my first time trying a Skinny Cow product but it won't be my last. This stuff is good~ I wouldn't mind eating this if I was trying to stay fit. It basically just taste like regular ice cream!

Cocktail Bar! For those of us under 21 they offered Water or Lemonade~ Although each person could only get 2 drinks since you only had 2 redemption tickets -_- that was kinda lame. They also had two snack tables for everyone to enjoy delicious sandwiches, fruit and cheese! Super fancy.  Throughout the day Skinny cow was holding raffles about every 30 minutes or so. The prizes were great but sadly I didn't win anything.

Roast Beef Sandwich with basil pesto sauce. This was SO delicious! I wanted more but didn't want to be greedy.
After our bra fitting we got our last drink and got in line for our gift bags.
What I ended up getting
+Skinny Cow Swag bag
+Skinny Cow T-shirt size of your choice
+Skinny Cow Make-up bag with Chocolate flavor Lipgloss
+Certificate for a free Warner Bra of your choice from Macy's
+Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp candy bar (not featured I ate it)
+ Couple of coupons for Skinny Cow products!

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Know any events that planning to come up soon? I'd love to hear about them