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The box of Innovations! August Birchbox 2011

Hey guys~
So yesterday I received my August BirchBox! This is the fastest I have received any of the three.
The post office usually takes their sweet damn time with it. It usually takes forever for them to come. Like they are waiting for it to transform into a Pokemon or something. I don't know.
This time it only took 3 days from the time it was shipped.
If you missed my last post check out my July Birchbox here.

So this Birchbox is dedicated to beauty innovations. 
They are not just the newest products but also revolutionary items too!

Okay enough of the intro-- onto the photos. I was so excited to receive this month box. Last month wasn't all too hot for me so I felt this would be much better. Hah.Yea

Looking at this card everything sounds awesome. Wow Eyeliner? Carol's Daughter? Oh snaps
this sounds like a great box. Hur Hur Dur. 


Compared to my first birchbox this was pretty weak. I at least got a full size product which was the Laura Geller Baked Blush that made it worth getting. This box contained (from right to left)
 Pangea Organics Facial Cleanser 1fl oz
 Carol's Daughter Repairing Mask 0.71oz
  Blinc eyeliner (sample size) 0.02oz
2 Wei Eye treatment pads

Wei Eye treatment pads.
Sooooo...I tried one pair of these last night. Left it on for about 15 minutes while listening to Phineas and Ferb. That show is hilarious! Anyways
They smell horrible
It did reduced a little bit of my eyes puffiness. But that's nothing a cold towel in the morning or before bed couldn't do.  It says its suppose to minimize the appearance of dark circles. I saw no difference in dark circle appearance. After awhile they started to irritate my skin. They are just oval cotton pads drenched in smelly brown water in a pretty package. Maybe the smelly brown water was my warning ya think?

Carol's Daughter Repairing Hair Mask.
It will be interesting using this. Though I think this sample will not be enough to cover all of my hair.
It claims after 1 use there will be 96% less breakage.
Suppose to revive dry and dull strands.
For me to experience the full effect I think I would need at least two of these samples. But we shall see and I'll get back to you guys on this. I've heard good things about Carols Daughter. Just wish this sample was bigger.
Blinc's liquid eyeliner.
The cap twists off to reveal a dipping brush.
The best sample in August's Birchbox in my opinion.
+Super dark
+Does NOT flake
+Comes off easily with just warm water and rubbing.

Its not worth the $24.00 it retails for. But it is indeed a good quality Eyeliner.
I like it more than I like my Shisedo Majolica...actually ANYTHING is better than the Majolica.
Majolica sucks -___-
Blinc Liquid Eyeliner.

Pangea Facial Cleanser.
The only other good size sample.
Also used this one last night. It smells just like the Philosophy Purity facial cleanser.. interesting.
Although it is VERY running. When I lightly squeezed it a lot came out. So if you get this one be careful!
It says to purify, balance and rejuvenate. So far the only good thing I can say about this is the scent, we'll see in a few days if it actually helps my skin.

Oh and here is the BEST PART. Your gonna love this U GUISE 8D
When I opened the box.. I thought this elastic thingy was apart of something else
No. Oh no. Its a HAIR TIE...
 Reasons why I want to throw this out the window.
1. I am going to easily loose this.
2. It looks cheap
3. I have enough hair ties
4. Why would I want this in my Birchbox
5. It looks and feels like the elastic on panties cut and tied in a knot.
6. It stupid.

This is seriously just as bad as when they put the almond bar thingy in last month's box. Which I also hated.

My thoughts on August Birchbox?
50% Lame and %50 Okay. The eye pads smelt like crap and play-doh. And I doubt the  Carol's Daughter sample will be enough to cover even half of my hair. I suppose the only two things worth it in the box is the Blinc Eyeliner and the Facial Cleanser. Don't even get me started on the hair tie.
I want to set it on fire.
 I'm unsure if I will continue to subscribe to Birchbox. I want to see some better content. 

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