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Christmas in July? Birch Box opening!

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Today's post is something a little bit different. For both June and July I have been receiving the Birchbox.
Whats a Birchbox you ask? Well for those of you who don't know it is a monthly box that comes in the mail which contains samples (sometimes full size) products of different make up, skin care, and hair care items.
For those people who are always afraid of trying something new, not sure what type of products they need, or hate buying full size products and not liking the results the Birchbox is perfect! Why? Because its only $10.00 a month. That's it. No extra shipping charge, No extra taxes/fees. Just 10 bucks.
Sometimes the full size products can be worth more than the box itself, making it so worth it!
Not everyone gets the same box. Some boxes are different based on the personal survey you take when you first sign up.

I could not find my camera during June to be able to show you the first box I received. This is the July Edition which is a collaboration with Cynthia Rowley. Their first Designer box. 

When you first open the box you receive this info card. Which contains a list of the products you received in your specific box along with a price list of how much its full size price retails for.

Okay wtf on the snack bar on the top? No seriously... what the hell.
On the left is the Redken Shine Brilliance (although they spell it brillance)
and on the right is the Ahava Hand cream.
I have yet to use the Shine spray but I have used the Hand Cream
In a weird way it smells like Japan. It has this.. certain smell that was either my suit case or something I use to use while I was there. Since my hands are already super smooth I really don't feel much difference. But it does smell nice and it's always nice to hydrate your hands once in awhile.

Apparently Cynthia really loves this snack. That's very nice but, I don't want food in my Birch Box.
Its awkward... um. with that being said I already ate it......
I had cramps and needed something to take my medicine with..ironically since I was unable to move and the Birchbox was closest to me I ended up having to eat the Kind Fruit and Nut bar. It was pretty good. I think if you are going on a good healthy diet you would be able to snack on these and it would keep you full till your next meal. I really like the Apricot taste. I'm not such a fan of Almonds. But I will eat them. 

On the left is the Philosophy Facial Cleanser. I've already use it and I really liked it.
I have very sensitive skin and i'm praying it won't make me break out...please I just cleared up my face about 80%...
On the right is the Zoya Nail Polish. It does not look the same in person as it does in my photos.
It's color is straight up Nude. Think neutral colors. Like a champagne nude color.
I'm actually wearing it now and have grown to like it.

Overall thoughts on July Birch box. 
It's okay. I liked the Zoya Nail Polish and the Ahava Hand Cream the most.. This box really was nothing special for me.  Since I have my weave I can use the Shine Spray but normally I would have no use for it. I have yet to decide if I like the facial cleanser or will it be too harsh for my skin.
Just no to the Kind Bar. It was good but that's not the reason I subscribed to the Birch Box.

Last month they provided a sample of Kate Spade's Twirl which I ended up getting the full size of.
This month I don't see me buying any of the products in full size.
As of now I believe they only ship within the US.
But there are different version's of the Birch Box around the world.
Singapore- Bella Box
UK-Boudoir Prive
UK- Glossy Box
Brazil-Glossy Box
Korea- Glossy Box
  Germany- Glossy Box
France- Glossy Box
                                 France- Jolie Box(Thanks Shabwouina)
                                     Germany-Boobox(Also available in Austria and Switzerland, Thanks Anna!)
 Canada-Luxe Box

I'm sure there are other ones out there in different countries. (I only named those that are around the same price as the Birch Box)

Well that's it for talking about the Birchbox. I no longer have a job so after the weekend I will have to look for a new one. If anyone in the LA area is hiring do let me know, I have a shopping disorder I need to feed~. Make up doesn't buy itself!
Currently i'm addicted to this Korean Drama called 49 days. I have not finished it yet so NO SPOILERS please! Have an awesome weekend <3

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