Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mie's Blogger Spotlight (Week 2)

Hi Hi
And its Wednesday again which means its time for my my weekly blogger's spotlight. 1 Day of the week I will post a few random lovely bloggers I follow whom I give Mie's Sexy Stamp of Approval, meaning I love their blog and I recommend it. I follow a lot of great blogs but only post 3 angels a week. So if you don't see yourself today you could probably end up on a future spotlight. I have no particular set list that I go in order.

This week I was trying to go with a theme .. but yea that didn't turn out so well. Hopefully next week i'll be more prepared if I wanted to go with a theme. If you missed my first spotlight you can find find it here---> Mie's Spotlight (week1).

Alright now onto the angels~

Something Borrowed, Something New

Okay so I'm actually not sure of what her real name is but in my head its Hortaru >_>
Hortaru is a lovely blogger from Singapore. She mostly blogs about fashion and lifestyle, such as events and festivals along with the occasional cosmetic reviews. I love her sense of fashion and more than anything else, her photo shoots. This chick isn't just only gal shes a cosplayer as well!  A really good one at that. She post a lot of photos from her recent photos shoots usually dealing with Vocaloid. So definitely check this angel out <3

Bijin Blair

The only way to describe this blog is literally like a product dictionary. Located in Malaysia, Blair posts tons of really helpful cosmetic reviews from just about any product. I came across her blog one day cause I was looking for peoples opinions on Vitacreme B12 or whatever. And of course she had it! Blair covers both skin care, fashion accessories and make up products on her blog. She's very honest with her reviews and she will straight up tell you if she doesn't like it or not. Love her blog and I hope those of you who follow her will too :)

Instant- Mint
...I'm just gonna call her Mint.
Also located in the best state in the US such as myself, Mint's blog focuses on beauty, fashion and daily life. She normally post reviews on her recent purchases or her favorite items. Her photography is amazing and her videos are ridiculously great no seriously they are super professional. Makes me jealous!  I can't recall exactly how I found her blog but her spunky attitude made my stay and follow. I know most of you probably already follow her but if not go right now!

These are my three lovely angels today. Please do check out all of their blogs and follow!!! I can only write so much, checking them out for yourself will give you a better sight of what each of them has to offer! Also please excuse my bad grammar T^T I've been speaking a lot of Engrish lately and its so annoying.
Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for next week's blogger spotlight :)