Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mie's Blogger Spotlight (Week 3)

Good Afternoon! Hi new followers :)
Finally a day where it is NOT HOT. I am loving this and embracing today's weather. But it says that next week will go up again... I will need more Ice Cream. I don't know why I'm always giving you guys the weather update LOL

It's finally week 3 of my bloggers spotlight project! I am so happy I was able to bring some of my favorite bloggers new followers :) It's always so hard choosing 3 angels to feature each week because I have so many I want to share with you. I always have to remind myself  "Just choose THREE geeze you can wait till next week!" ...for some reason typing this only reminds me that I really want ice cream. Interesting. Okay well enough talk- here are the three beauties i'm giving Mie's Sexy Stamp of Approval to this week.

Magic to Love
First off we have Yune and her blog Magic to Love! Shes a cute German Gal whose blog and style really sparkles and glitter. Literally. Her blog is a combination of daily life, make up and fashion. She doesn't do any cosmetic reviews but she often post progress updates on her sewing projects as a fashion student. Along with mentioning a few of her favorite things, Yune frequently take outfit snaps of her day-to-day Gal style. She is just absolutely adorable and I only wish she updated more often ;_;. Well she is now on vacation in Japan so if you want to keep updated with her travels you should check her out!

Maria May

Our second angel is Maria from Denmark. You can just tell by her header that she is just absolutely gorgeous!
I've been following her blog for quite awhile now and I love it so much. She talks about a little bit of everything. Fashion, daily life, make up, shopping AND food!! Her food post are so delicious~ She occasionally writes cosmetic reviews every now-and-then but her topics mostly consist of her daily adventures with friends and fashion. This is another angel who has an excellent sense of style and can rock just about any outfit. I always enjoy reading about her recent purchases so I hope those of you who follow her will too.

Everyday Outfits

I believe this angel's name is Jocelyn and just like the title says  her blog is about Everyday Outfits!
This lovely lady is from Malaysia but is currently studying abroad in the UK. In my opinion her style is basically a mixture of trendy Japanese/Korean daily fashion along with a taste of European. Its cute, simple, stylish and chic! But more than just talking about her outfit of the day, Jocelyn frequently writes reviews on various make up and fashion accessories. And her photography may just be a little TOO good because every time she writes a new review I always end up wanting the product shes talking about-_-. It's way too tempting for the unemployed. This angel is beautiful, trendy and always up to date. Everyday outfits is definitely one to add to your reading list.

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