Friday, February 04, 2011

In love with Mr. Sandman!!!

This week I have actually been getting some sleep. I had been so wrapped up in homework and other DIAMOND related stuff that I couldn't sleep. This will only be a small update since im kinda tired~

Since the other gals already blogged about it, I wont go too much into detail.
on 1/29/11 We all hung out for the day, some sort of Top Secret Mission! It was intense... lives were lost.

Heres a cute photo to remember the day.
Val,Michi,Tricia,Dolly, and Mie
There was some.. Para Para involved...yea.. like I said.. intense.
Don't remember much about the day sides some weird guys yelling at me, Val loosing her keys screaming in panic which causes my boom box to magically turn on playing serious dramatic music, and us talking about the Three Lights from Sailor Moon xDDD.

Tempura!!! and Salmon Teriyaki <3

Val and I..apparently I only took photos with her haha

Then the very next day I had to wake up for my best friend Sam Dad's wedding....that was.. interesting...

Xinger and Bill Ceasan

Yea... look how happy we are.

Since the crazyness died I was finally able to finish my Sailor Moon Brooch Cross-stitch!!! I found the pattern on this website and figured.. hey why not! It was very time consuming though.

I've been able to relax and watch some movies for once.. it has been nice <3. I really need to change the style of my blog.. sadly coding is not my specialty. Well it times to head to bed. My Camwhore shot of the night. Excuse/Ignore any types.. im sleepy haha


  1. Mie, you and the diamond gals look amazing *____*

    Haha looks like that wedding was very fun :)

  2. Even tho it was a long ass day~ I still had fun with u gals! LOVE IT!!!

  3. hey there!!!

    oo i love your circle really love all of you!! >_<

    amazing/cutie mie-chan!!

  4. @ Emy: Thanks sweetheart <3,
    The only good part about the wedding was the Dim Sum we had after.

    @ Michi: Yes that was a very long ass day.. me and dolly had NO SLEEP O.o
    I gotta see you soon, gotta return the lovely things you let me borrow ^_^

    @Chelsea: Hey there <3
    Awww thank you so much!!! That truly means a lot to me~

  5. Hey.....thanks for stitching the sailor brooch!!! You did an amazing job!! :)

  6. @ Dawn: No thank you for making the pattern available!!!! It was a lot of fun, I think I may do another one <3

  7. The food looks so tasty! I like how she isn't wearing a traditional white wedding dress and how it's more Chinese looking! :3

  8. Thank you so much for the follow! ^^♥

  9. Anonymous4:22 AM


    its Bambi!!
    I love your outfit gal1!

    Leopard!! RARRRR

  10. Amazing hair!!!! You and DG look amazing and colourful!!! *___*

  11. Audrey: Thanks!!! Yea her dress was amazing, full of color too!!! It was beautiful in the sun!

    @Bambi: HAY GURLLL haha thanks~ Leopard/Cheetah is my favorite teehee

    Nenacho: Thanks Sweet heart <3 <3