Monday, February 28, 2011

ME! Bath Giveaway!!!!

Logo property of ME! Bath

Hey everyone! As promised I will be hosting my first giveaway.
And there will be others coming up later on very soon!

Sponsored by Me! Bath; I will be giving away one of their popular Bath Ice Cream Bombs!
Green Tea Flavor

Headquarters located in Los Angeles, California ME! Bath was founded by husband and wife team Benjamin and Lisa Nissanoff in 2002.  Since then, ME! Bath has rapidly increased its popularity in the Bath and Body market. They offer creative, unique and environmentally friendly at home spa products.

As one of the hottest trends in creating the perfectly delicious bath, ME! Bath offers a variety of products such as: Hand and Body Icing, Shower Sherbet, Ice Cream Sandwiches and their signature item Bath Ice Cream! Ice Cream Bombs that are designed to look and smell like perfect scoops of your favorite flavor.

(image property of Me!Bath)

With sweet scented flavors like Cafe con Leche, Gotta Have It Pomegranate , Land of Milk and Honey, Hawaiian Lei, Pumpkin Pie  your sure to instantly fall in love! Made with using the highest quality ingredients  ME! Bath's Bath Ice Cream is made with 100% Israeli Jojoba Oil.

One lucky winner will have the chance to try one of their Bath Ice Cream: Green Tea scoops  themselves!!!

How to enter
-email me your full name and address to with the subject ICE CREAM
- Comment on this post below you must be one of my followers. -For one additional entry make your own blog post regarding the giveaway and post the link in your comment!!!

(for this giveaway international addresses will be accepted)

This is not first come first serve.  The winner will be chosen at random. The deadline for this giveaway is Friday 
March 4th, 2011 @ 11:00am PST. Any entries after that time will not be valid.  The Winner will be notified around 12:00pm PST.

If you are not chosen as the winner, don't worry, in honor of this giveaway ME! Bath is offering a 30% discount off your total purchase for a limited time only!
Use the code : maketheswitch

 Good luck to everyone~

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I am no way affiliated with ME! Bath. These products were sent to me for promotional use only and to be given away to followers at random. I have no rights to any of the products above. Pictures are of my own unless stated otherwise. I am not held responsible for any loss or damage during the shipping process.
I promise to not sell, trade or misuse any personal information given to me. Details on giveaway can be altered at any time without notice. I have the right to refuse certain entries. 


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