Sunday, February 27, 2011

My friends love me

Hey everyone! Here is a quick update before some fun things happen on my blog.
First off YAY We reached 50 followers. Thank you everyone!!!. And as I promised there WILL be a giveaway. It would have started this weekend.. but due to my mail box not being big enough we have to wait till Monday.

Moving on~
I recently hung out with my good friends Shawnee and Chii (two separate days)
Its been awhile since I had seen them so there was a lot of catching up to do.

We ended up wearing the same outfit!!!! Crazy *.*

Last time I saw Shawnee was on her birthday last year which was in December.

She looked absolutely AMAZING. She started this slow carb diet and has already lost 12 pounds in 5 days. You go girl!

We just ended up chilling at Mitsuwa in Torrance.
Tsubasa love~

Never seen Lakers water before... Shawnee says it taste like Kobe's sweat (LOL JK)

Most people dont know about my love for Shizuka Muto.
She is an Ageha model who is drop sexy sexy!!! In the latest issue there was a photo of her room.
I want it. Everything in it. Even her. Its TOO perfect.

Recently my friends have given me a few gifts from their travels and what not.
I feel so loved and appreciated!!!

Except for this... i picked this up myself @ Mitsuwa xD
Got myself two new pairs of Dear Laura Lashes!!!! At first I hated them, but now I love them.

Given to me by the sexy Tricia, this is a Pine Create Keychain she brought back for me from the land of all that is fabulous. It was attached to my DS but I took it off for a photo.

Shawnee Sent me a box of Sugar Cookie Tea <3 <3 <3 It really does smell like Sugar Cookies!!!
And a scarf. Usually I hate scarves but this one is very well made!
My brothers best friend bought me back a set of brushes from his recent trip to China.

 Dolly brought me back a set of Daiso Lashes from one of her many trips to San Francisco~

Thank you to all my friends who think of me while their away!!!
I will have a lot of reviews coming up~ Till next time!


  1. Twinsie outfits, how cute >3<

    And your friends are so kind and lovely, they gave you so many cute items for sure!

  2. whats UP!!!! LOL..... I love the lashes by the way~ I better go visit SF soon~ U__U I need to go shop there soon~ cute stuff honey~

  3. @ Sara Mari: Thanks!! Haha the outfits weren't even planned xD

    @ Michi: Right??? I've only been once when I was 12 years old. I wanna go back so I can enjoy it without my family ~_~

  4. I love the lashes!*-*