Sunday, February 20, 2011

DIAMOND's Do it better!

Hey there I wont go too much into details since Val did a wonderful write up of our segment with the help of Tricia and her Boyfriends translations but recently we were featured on a japanese tv program called  "Sekai No Kuchikomi Atsumemashita" produced by NTV

Basically the show is about a collection of rumors heard throughout the world. Reporters were sent out to find out if these rumors were true or not and to explain in detail what it is all about. Though it is more of a parody.

The show starts off as a Princess explaining about the rumors in each location which is followed by video clips and commentary about the people featured.

There was a rumor in Japan that there was gal-sas in the US and the fashion style was becoming very in the states. Special guest watch the clips along with the "Princess" and give their reactions on everything that goes on.

In this program a couple of our special guest were members of the popular girl group AKB48.
Behind the scenes from that day!

Our gal-codes was:
  • Your hair must be very teased and big (mori mori)
  • You must know Para Para
  • You must eat yoshigyu (yoshibeef standing for yoshinoya.)
  • and you must LOVE Tsubasa Masuwaka.

of course none of these codes are true!

Once Tricia told me a friend of hers in japan saw us on TV, I quickly started searching for information on the video. After about 2-3 hours online with the most helpful Grace! I manage to find a full length video of the special.


  1. Why didn't you show your actual circle and what you guys stand for, instead of making one up? :) J/W

  2. [edit] sorry spelled a few things wrong.

    Haha I think there is a slight confusion about this one.

    Gal-lifornia is not the circle. Which is why they showed the Diamond website and had another friend of ours join us (girl with the red hair) whose not apart of diamond at all.

    Gal-lifornia is basically just California. Its not JUST about DIAMOND itself. There was a rumor about gals in America and they contacted us to help prove the rumor.

    As for what we stand for. This was a comedy special just for fun, :)

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  4. Television production involves more than just the cast. Directors, writers, producers, etc. determine the story that is to be shown to the audience/viewership. We didn't make anything up XD they voiced over us. What control do we have over that if they're focused on the japanese audience & not us?

  5. ha ha funny day tho~ Had so much fun~ ;P TUSBASA BETTER COME!!! lol

    <3 love you! LETS HANG OUT SOOOOONN! and webcam as always <3

  7. @ Val: Thank you for a more clearer explanation!! I guess the translation can really give people the wrong idea. Overall it was fun!!!

    @ Michi: omg right? COME AND SPONSOR OUR EVENT!!! lolololololol

    @ Reika: YOSHIGYUUUU HNGGG xtra acidddd~~~~~ I still believe yoshinoya was a part of all this!!!
    I no good at para para. Too many steps, hair gets in way of face.