Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rune Boutique World Debut Party!!

Hey yall!
So finally the big day has come and gone.
Rune Boutique's Debut Party hosted by Bubble Punch~
This event was held at the Royal/T cafe/gallery in Culver City California.

Celebrating all things kawaii the event was inspired by the original art work of Rune Naito.
Bubble Punch had been preparing for this event for months and with a overall attendance of 3,000 people I must say it was a HUGE success. While Yume Ninja and Chubby Bunny was hosting the event I was their volunteer assistant for the night checking up on the volunteers. Basically I just answered any questions, watched over the other volunteers and handled any situation that wouldn't disturb Yume or Chubby.
Now onto the photos~

Lovely Volunteers~
Left to right: Cass, Elliot, Andi, Me and Chii

Ugh I look gross. In some pictures I photo shopped by make up because it was THAT BAD. Damn state apartment inspection ruining my time. But here is my outfit for the night.
Top: Hot Topic
Skirt: Hot Topic
Purse: H&M
Stockings: F21
Shoes: Apparel Dynasty
Accessories: Mostly Yume Ninja
Bows: Purse Buzz and Myself

Chii my Assistant. 

Stephanie Shaw from Tokyo Pop!

Childhood friend Raisa! And her bee-friend Elliot.
I appreciate them coming out to this event. 

Ari one of the the 1st place winners.

Chick who did a badass replica of Kyary's pon pon pon outfit

Anz Falcon!!! She was rocking so much W*C O.o

Cutest little girls. I should have took them home with me. 

Marie~ She was also one of the winners!

She had flawless make up~

Me and Risa! First time actually stopping to chat with her. She is sooo tall and beautiful :O
Ignore my flats *mumble mumble*

Vani, Essy and Yuka. I appreciate the Dokidoki Girls spending a lot of their time taking photos with the guest!!! 

Jenny and her bf Grant. In the pop up shop this is what the staff wore!

Even with a mustache shes still beautiful WTF..damn pretty people.

Another freak'n pretty person. Her eyeliner is always so prefect picture is blurry I think i forgot flash.. When I talk to Bebe I can't help but stare.
Apparently she uses MAC's fluid line.. she should be the model for them because she makes it look DAMN GOOD. Watch me try to use it and it comes out looking like crap. But it's on my shopping list now. 

and TADA~** *SPARKLE***
Vani, Kyary, Yuka and Sebastian. It helped a lot that I was staff so I could go up to the stage and take this photo hahaha. 

Chii's Kimchi Pork fries. 

And my favorite photo~ Anz and Ane! This picture is so brilliant I want a poster of it.
Tthu, Essy and Jen was all with them but they left a bit earlier.

I didn't really get a chance to watch the performance but you can find videos of it everywhere.
For those of you who were able to make it THANK YOU SO MUCH it was great seeing all of you :)
I look forward to the next big event next year~ 
Next post is Hello Kitty x Sephora VIP Night!