Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello Kitty Suite VIP Preview Night

Hey everyone!
Thanks for the wonderful comments on my Rune Boutique Recap!

That weekend was literally very crazy for me. Right after Rune Boutique Sephora Hosted a VIP Preview night for special guest to preview the first ever Hello Kitty Suite inspired by their limited edition beauty collection- Noir. Guest were able to have their own special viewing of the suite along with the chance to mingle with other Hello Kitty crazed fans over plenty of  h'orderves. The Suite is located in the Beverly Hills Maison, and thanks to Yume Ninja I was able to attend this very special night.

Upon arriving at the Maison I was greeted by two beautiful cigarette girls offering special goodies.
Each guest received a special Chubby Bunny Bow designed specially for this night! I was also able to take home special nail polishes from their Noir Collection!!  I met up with Yume, Jenny, Michelle and Grant shortly after they arrived as well.

Five of us in a tiny elevator! omg I thought I was going to die it was Japan all over again.

Inside the suite!

Everything was so classy. Even the bathroom was fancy. This is Chau demonstrating to us on how to be classy while "powdering her nose". 


I want my wedding night here. Future Husband take note on that!

As you can see Sephora incorporated as much Hello Kitty as they could in here. From the night stand, to the lamp shades, to the curtains! Literally it is every Hello Kitty Collector's fantasy suite. 

Yume and Michelle (who designed the Black and White Stripped bows)


Janet and Chau~

Myself! Without the jacket haha

Group Shot!

Smallest Teriyaki Burger EVER!!!! It was so good I had like four of these...

Julie!!!! She's so lucky. Sephora gave her the bow from the Noir Promotional Ad.

Hello Kitty and Me! Her dress was beautiful~

Flawless miss Bebe!!!

Adorable Stephiee!!!! Always love her hair.

One of the many desserts! The panna cotta~...I also had like 4 of these..

Fudge Browniessss mmmmmm

Favorite photo from the night! Attack of the Julie!!!!!!

Sexy Leopard shanks! We didn't plan to all wear just happened to turn out that way.
And yea my facial expression is gonna be that dull for the majority of the photos. I was tired!

Robyn, Stephiee and Bebe! Creepy photo style~

Belle and me! I worked with her at the 50th anniversary events in Santa Monica for Sanrio last year.
One of the sweetest HK Junkies ever <3

Onch and Me! I don't know why this is the first time I've asked to take a photo with him...
LOL I guess I just remembered this time <3

Hello Kitty Shaped water bottles COME ON tell me thats not cute?!
Julie and me...being ghetto taking home water bottles...
And thats all folks! The suite is very cozy and one day I would love to spend the night there~
For those of you who were not able to attend I hope you enjoyed all my photos I took for you guys!