Friday, November 18, 2011

Lace Pink Princess Nails

Hi Hi!
I am super excited you guys~ I am trying to put together another EPIC giveaway and so far im doing pretty good. This will probably be a Christmas themed giveaway^

I had been waiting on this package for awhile and I was kinda scared that it might have gotten lost in the mail.
Kkcenterhk sent me two pairs of false nails. The first pair is a light pink/black princess style design with black bows and pink stones to top it off. The black section is lined with a cute pink lace design that gives it that girly elegant effect. Each set contains 12 nails that each vary in size and pink tinted nail glue.

12 Pieces Pink Black Lace False Nail Tips [N300]

I found that the glue wasn't messy at all and made it easy to apply. The design is very cute and works perfectly with any type of fashion your into whether it is gyaru, lolita, fairy kei, decora, chic, etc etc.
I did notice that on the website these nails are under a different brand and have a different packing, so do note that when if you do plan to purchase them~

I think their sizing is a bit weird when it comes to the nails. I prefer to have only 1 of my nails decorated with the bows and rhinestones but because of the sizing I had to choose two. When applying press down firmly and let the glue dry for 20 seconds before going back on Tumblr. They have a good selection of designs that are perfect for special one day events that you don't want to go to the salon for.

Overall 4/5!