Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lime Crime Lipstick Review

A short late night post ^^
I recently received one of Lime Crime's Lipstick
as a gift after hosting a giveaway sponsored by them.
It was such a HUGE SUCCESS thanks to all my new and old followers O:
The color they sent me was D'Lilac

 I would say its probably a little bit lighter on me. More closer to the first photo.
Definitely not something I can wear unless i'm going to one of my events.
Also.. this lipstick smells like VANILLA or COTTON CANDY. I want to eat it.. but I know I shouldn't ;___;
Overall: 4/5
+The packaging is cute and the color is very pretty.
+Pretty pigmented! Its how Quite Cute from Mac should have been -_-
-The only thing I would say I don't really like about it is how it looks against my skin tone. 
I will be shipping out the winner's package next week. I refuse to deal with the easter hustle.
Sorry my make up is crappy. it was just for this post ^^
Happy Easter everyone!!!

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