Tuesday, April 12, 2011

13 Top MAR*S Picks for April

Hey Gals! Todays post is just my top picks from one of my favorite brand MAR*S. I prefer the sexier style of Gal since I can not pull off the "cute" look like some of my other friends can xD. Their website is basically the same as their main color scheme of clothes. Which is Black x Pink x White. Sadly I own no MAR*S. When I return to Japan I will definitely need to pay a visit. Or just request a friend of mines to hook me up

TOP PICKS: Sometimes MAR*S can definitely be a hit or miss. Here are some of my favorite pieces they have going on!







Out of all of my picks the shoes are my favorite xD I'm a sucker for shoes. v.v But I can't help it, the shoes really do make or break the outfit ;p
 I like their one-pieces the most. And their lounge wear... sadly I would probably wear that more than normal clothes -_-

Oh also good news!!! I was approved for a sponsorship for MukuCHU Lenses!!! Check them out if you already have not. Yay So please look forward to my future lens review from them! The more traffic I bring to their site the longer I can keep my sponsorship ;P Thanks so much in advance. 

Thanks for reading!!! So I will have my top picks of my other favorite brands!!!

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