Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chocolate is a gal's best friend!

Chocolate picture SPAM ahead!!! This is probably one of the BEST things I have ever had to test~ Hello to all you night owls [since im posting this at night my time]. Here is a quick,short, fun post about some chocolate sent to me from to review! I thought it would be just a little bit of chocolate.. no. They sent me.. 4lbs of 4 different flavor candy melts they wanted me to try .___. But am I complaining?? Not at all~

 Chocoley specializes in all types of chocolate,tools and candy making supplies!!! I recently heard about them via a friend and had to check them out. So what I received was 1 pound of each flavor available of  Bada Bing Bada Boom Candy Melts. [Click the link to read more details about them]
The flavors are White, Milk, Dark and Extra Dark! Said to be perfect for easy candy making and baking!  Also for making dipped chocolate strawberries my favorite~ Dipped pretzels, clusters etc!

The box contained each individual ~shiny~ package of chocolate along with a Candy Mold and instructions!!!

What the candy melts look like prior to melting

My lovely friend Chii who helped me!

Slightly messy but its okay! We would have cleaned it up but we were too busy licking the spatulas ._.

Top Row: Milk Chocolate only
Middle Row: Left Extra Dark, Right Dark
Bottom Row: White Chocolate


DIFFICULTY: This was way easier than I expected and took no time at all.  
Also the chocolates released from the mold easy~ 
You do not need to use a lot of it. A little goes along way.. 

TASTE:  Each flavor was delicious! The milk chocolate did not really taste that much different from other brands but it was good none to less! But the white chocolate on the other hand... oh ho ho ho it was delicious~ So creamy and not extremely sweet. Perfect white chocolate. I need to make some lollipops with this!
 Because of the style of the mold, personally I just needed some type of filling and I would have been good to go! 

I was sad today when I realized we had no more strawberries so I can dip them in v.v 

Overall I am completely satisfied with these chocolates and I recommend them to any chocolate lovers out there!!
Check them out on facebook for occasional deals and surprises ;P
Chocoley on facebook!

Which flavor chocolate do you prefer?

Thanks for reading sweet dreams~

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