Friday, April 22, 2011

I won what?!?!?!?!

Oh boy. Today was a long day. So remember that Kurvee Event? During the Kurvee Event I entered Mary Kay's drawing for a small flower arrangement and a skin care kit. Very next day I get a phone call saying I won! Crazy I never win any drawings like that hahaha. Well the lady Lisa who works for Mary Kay of course called me and set up a time and date where she can come by, drop off my gift and a few other things

We set up something for this morning and she was even early ^^. While she was there she tried different products on us. If I invited a friend I was able to jump from a $10 gift certificate to $20. It was like a short make up session where we were able to try different products. What I ended up getting at the end was:

Flower Arrangement
Satin Hands Set
Make up Bag
Shower gel
Body Lotion
Make up Remover
Acne Treatment
Sample Size of Concealer

I used my $20 towards the make up remover and Acne Treatment. The Shower and Lotion came from not cancelling my appointment with her haha. I was going to just purchase the concealer but she didn't have that or any foundation so she gave me her sample size lol

Sample Size Concealer, Make up Remover, Acne Treatment, Make up bag!

Overall it was really nice! She was friendly and I got more free stuff than expected!!! Almost $100 worth of free products. My mom made some food so after we were done with the beauty products we ate some. 
I can't say all the products were AMUHZING.  Although I really did like their foundation and make up products. More than their skin care line. but hey! No complaints free is free and i really appreciate it!
Well this was basically my day! Can't wait to try the stuff I got~ I'm so sleepy you guys ;___; nap time possibly? yes yes!
Also I want to ask HOW WAS YOUR DAY??
Since I told you about mines I wanna know what everyone else did today or will be doing this weekend!!! Anything special coming up! Birthdays? I wanna know! 8D

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