Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kurvee Event Pic Spam

Hey beautiful ladies~ Heres another night owl post lol
This weekend I attended the Kurvee Event at
the Marriott Courtyard Westside in Culver City, Los Angeles!!!

If you didn't read my previous post check it out here.
My mother ended up going to the event as well. Though she did her own thing and roamed around. >_>
It was a bright day perfect for going out.

I got all dolled up in my "professional wear" Sorry i don't really have any photos of that other than one O.o
The shopping experience was very nicely put together. The venue was small and a bit crowded.
Sorry the photo quality is kinda off. Not even sure why xD

Beautiful front desk ladies~ They were so sweet.

Me and the director of the event I believe. 
Um are those really MY boobs?.. oh dear...

Gift Bags!!! Sponsored by Chinese Laundry

Young ladies from Pushing Pink Pedals

Pushing Pink Pedals is an organization committed to working with at risk women and teens to help build self esteem and empowerment through makeup.
I think that is a wonderful organization :) you go gals!

Another beautiful pink pedal lady.

True Beauty Intimates Photography.

Scent_sa-tional Soaps
 Hand made Soaps!!! These smelt pretty good. I'm very picky about my scents and there are some things I can't even smell. She gave me a sample size of her Body Butter Orange Ginger. It smells so nice.

Sweet Dreamery Desserts

Passion Parties caters to intimacy skin care products and toys!
Their website is even thosekindoftoys.com *hint hint*
The woman was very nice  and gave me a sample of their products.
Which was a small bag with a Candle, false rose pedals, and bath salt.
8D um....any hot young man that resembles Enrique Iglesias or Bi Rain is free to join me in said bath ;D

Elissa from Bath by Riley. They sell the products Hand Candies if you haven't heard of them yet!
Their small candy shaped skin care products! You crumble them up and wash your hands with them.
The result is healthy SOFT smooth hands. Her husband was working the booth with her and guest were allowed to try it for themselves. THEY WORK. I ended up buying 10 of them so i'll be doing a review soon. She was also nice enough and gave me one of their bath bombs! I havn't even used it yet but I can't wait.


EDIT: Re uploaded with a bit better pic quality.
This was a small little goodie bag with mostly sample size products of things like Sauve Lotion, Colgate toothpaste, Schick Quatro razor, Pur Minerals lip gloss etc, One coconut water etc and a lot of discounts.

The gift bag was nice. Not amazing but pretty good. I can't complain about free stuff xDDD I especially love the lip gloss~Although I will say this. Even though I do hate to complain when products were free.. I can't help but feel how TACKY it was that a few of the products that offered Discounts or Coupons.. EXPIRED IN 2010. Basically they just gave us all the left over stuff from last year. I do realize this was not Kurvee's fault but handing out products with expired coupons... that looks really bad on the sponsors part -________- I mean really? Who even does that.

The samples given out were really nice and thoughtful They were prepared very nicely and each table had its own unique presentation.

Well over-all the event was really nicely put together! Today I found out I was the winner of the
Mary Kay drawing they had there O: wow i'm never that lucky.
 Kurvee did a really nice job and I look forward to the  next event.
Hopefully at a bigger venue next time. :) 

Again if you guys want to know of any upcoming beauty events in your area LET ME KNOW!! Either Socal or the Midwest. :)
Thanks for reading!!!

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