Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hand Candies!!! Mie's monthly pick!

Hi yall! 8D Sorry for the lack of updates. I was busy with testing and some other stuff. But I just HAVE to tell you guys about one of my favorite things. Its actually my Product of the month ^^. Hand Candies by Bath By Riley. These have become very popular lately and I see a lot of beauty junkies mentioning these.
These are not the edible kind of candies. Hand Candies are small amounts of a compressed sea salt scrub wrapped and shaped like little candies. They are meant for easy storage and travel sizes because of how small they are. Perfect to bring to school or work with you. I had heard about these first from

They had a small booth set up at the Kurvee Event I went to recently so I was able to sample and purchase a few. 8D  I bought 10 for $10 which was fine with me! They had a variety of "flavors" to choose from for those of you who like large options. Here are the ones I picked out:

So far I have only used "Goddess" and "Ocean Breeze". They both smell GREAT although I do favor Goddess more.

First look out of the wrapper!
Looks like a tiny bar of soap right? So CUTE! All you gotta do is then crumble it up so it becomes easier to apply. Once broken apart you have quite a bit there. You do NOT need to use all of it at one time.

Above in my hand is only about 1/3 of the whole bar. Like I said you don't need a lot. Sprinkle a little onto your hand and then wrap the rest back up.

1. Break apart the "candy"
2. Wet hands with warm water.
3. Apple small amount into palm of hands.
4. Massage scrub all over hands. Front back, side-to-side :D
6. Rinse with warm water~
7. Pat dry!

Afterwards you can feel how soft and smooth your hands are!!! Its amazing. I was able to try it at the event which led me to buy it. Believe me, if it didn't work I would not have bought it. Who wants to buy something that doesn't do its job :?
Can be used multiple times
Can be used on hands AND body.
Easy to travel with/small and compact
Amazing long lasting scents!
Perfect for all ages

On the website they cost $2.00 each which I think is a bit pricey considering how small they are. Which is why I try to get the most use out of them. I don't mind the $10 for 10 though 8D

Overall: 5/5!!!

Elissa the kind lady who was running the booth with her husband gave me a Bath Bomb with my Hand Candies to test and review. 
The scent is Flirtini which also has its own matching Hand Candy.

It smells really nice at a close distance. But when put into the bath tub the aroma kinda dies.
I was expecting the room/tub to be filled with the scent. Sadly not. Hopefully some of the other bath bombs they have will have a stronger smell D:
Overall Review: 3/5

Thank you so much for reading! I hope at one point this could be one of my giveaway items. I would love for you guys to be able to try it!!!
Cam shot of the day

Let me know what you think? Which flavor would you be interested in trying. More flavors on their website
Just noticed this on her business card 8D  Use promo code "elissa123" to receive 10% off your online orders :)

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