Thursday, April 21, 2011

Candy and Lipstick!!!

Beautiful night owl friends ^o^
I feel bad for tricking you guys with the
last sweets post.
So here is some REAL candy to make up for it 8D
Got these and a few other treats on a stop at Mitsuwa our local Japanese market

At the last Beautylish event, Make Up For Ever put one of their lip sticks in the goodie bag!
Color: Rouge stupid me. Its 36 Satin Fuschia my bad guys!!!
Its like a Hot Pink/fuschia
I was a bit hmf about the color cause I didn't think it would look good on me at all.

Why are my lips so big?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! It actually looks really good on me. Kinda Nick Minaj-ish.. but I try not to
style the rest of my make up like hers.
I give this a 5/5!!!
Super pigmented and compliments my tan skin tone ^^

ALSO~ The lime crime package for the winner came recently O:
They were SUPER NICE they even sent an extra one for me ;_;
I havn't tried it yet but i'll let you gals know how it works out 8D
Good Night yall~

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