Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do it like Barbie!

Beauty's not dead and neither am I.
I hope you all have been well, I need to catch up on all the blogs I follow!
Have you ever been scared that your not receiving packages from sponsors? I hate the feeling of making the sponsors think I am taking their products and running. 
Seems like that has been my issue lately...mail people stop losing my stuff please and thank you! Well at least one package found its way to my place. And i'm glad it did because these are the most comfortable lenses EVER!!!

Today's post is sponsored by
They sent me a pair of circle lenses of my choice which was very kind of them. I figured this would be the best opportunity to try out some pink lenses. This time I picked out the Japan Barbie Eye Super Nudy (16 diameter)

They were so nice! In the package came
The lenses,
 Piggy Contact Lens Case,
a DARIYA Hair Magic Sheet
and a Thank You Note. 

It was the first time I ever received my lenses in a small box. I think the packaging itself definitely deserves an A++. Although i'm probably just saying that because its pink and sparkly. The color of the lenses is a bit brighter than my photo above. The pink is very apparent in person.

With flash

Without flash.

With flash.

Without flash 

I put on some quick eye shadow just to make the color stand out a bit more. Also we all know circle lenses look a bit crazy without make up to balance it out. Without at least some eye liner I look like some wide eye psycho path anime chick. I was able to wear these to work with no problem at all. They didn't feel dry and there was no irritation. the end of the day I forgot I was even wearing them~ Was seriously about to hop in bed before I had to remind myself! I was kinda skeptical about pink lenses at first but against my natural eye color they turned out to be a tad bit lighter version of the purple ones I have.




Thank you so much for reading! Again I really appreciate those of you who still follow this blog.
When they use the term March one was joking. March has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. I have a few event posts for you guys and stuff I really need to give away.

Be sure to check out! Thanks lovelies.

These lenses were sent to me for promotional use only.