Thursday, June 09, 2011

Give me pretty eyes, pretty please?

Hey ya'll!
Sorry I have not posted in awhile.
I have been crazy busy with work, and havn't had time to ship out
the previous winner of my last giveaways prize O.o

Today is actually a review! was not only so kind enough to sponsor my current
You Go Gal Giveaway!
But they also sent me a pair for myself to review.

The lenses they sent me was GEO WT-A15. A bigger version of Dueba DM25 series.

Brand: GEO
Diameter: 15.00mm
All 15MM Xtra Lenses from GEO are
Buy one get one FREE!
USE discount code MIE'S GIVEAWAY to receive 10% off any circle lenses!

My thoughts on the lenses:
I was so happy to receive these. You guys don't understand. I have been wanting GREY lenses for awhile now. And its like MukuCHU read my mind and sent me the perfect pair.
At first I was intimidated by them because their the biggest pair I have ever owned but they were great! Once properly adjusted they did not irritate my eyes at all. I practically forgot I was even wearing them. They make your eye HUGE. Serious, kawaii -big eyed-anime girl status. 


Compared to my eye without lenses.
Forgot to take a picture same day without lenses. 

Would I recommend these? YES DEFINITELY if you are looking for circle lenses
that really do enhance your eyes and are willing to try the Xtra Large Sizes.
I will probably be getting the Purple and Green pair in this same series. I really do love them that much
+Great Customer Service
+Excellent Communication
+Fast Shipping (for being over seas)
+Item exactly as described.

Random shameless camwhore shots.
Only photo with flash. 

Yes I know I keep making the same stupid face. Don't worry ya'll im tired of it too
i'll come up with a new pose."

Thanks for reading my review! Please do check out mukuCHU'S website.
ALSO check out Tori's review on the EOS Flower Series in Blue on her blog.
I am giving away the Pink Pair in my current giveaway~
I have some other exciting announcements that I'll get to later on this week~
Hope you all are having a good day!

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  1. oooh gal!! love ur make up so much *___*