Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Adventures in Little Tokyo

Hey everyone! And hey there new followers~
So this week I am postponing my bloggers spotlight~
The other day I finally met up with my friend Grace in Little Tokyo after about almost a year. She didn't really want to go all the way to Little Tokyo but.. thatss nothing a little threatening can't fix 8D.

We just chilled in the area while my mother was at an orientation. Our favorite shop was this cosmetic shop that had a very large collection of asian cosmetics. I went a little picture crazy in there haha.
They basically had like a full collection of NYX cosmetics for those of you who are always looking for NYX locally.

A good number of Men and Women hair style products. A long with tons of facial cleansers!

Another epic wall of make up and cosmetic accessories!

More Tsubasa products!

They had a large collection of LA colors and LA girl products!. This is like the go to place if your looking for cheap make up products.

Of course its not a cute Asian store without your designated Hello Kitty area!
Two notebooks that I thought were extremely cute.

I really want to try this product. The one on the right is suppose to brighten your arm pits for those of us that have slightly darker armpits from shaving and waxing.

Adorable Ballpoint pens I just HAD to take a photo of haha you can see I really did go camera happy 8D They also had number versions of My Beauty Dairy Mask's including the  Alice in Wonderland collection. It was so hard to walk away ahah.

Afterwords we went to another store called cube that also had a large fashion/cosmetics station.

But looking at make up makes you very hungry. We headed over to the take our Curry House place next to Marukai so I can get some curry pan ^^. Grace got some chicken Udon that she soon regretted paying for after she noticed I had curry pan. Sad story about Grace's udon was she had barely started eating it before a tiny white fly committed suicide in her soup. She was extremely pissed was very bitter irony. Luckily She decided to get a curry pan for herself as well so at least she didn't go starving 8D

But after more endless wandering around we got hungry again. We found the perfect little cafe that we SHOULD have gone to in the first place. It was called Four Leaf and they sold Crepes and Waffles~

[Photo Credit goes to Grace]

[Photo Credit goes to Grace]
Grace got a banana crepe with nutella. It was pretty good! I ended up getting a savory waffle in which I choose the toppings of Roast Beef, Pesto Sauce, and Parmesan Crisps~

Photo Credit goes to Grace.

Well that was the end of my day with grace.. oh besides the creepy guy coming up to our car asking for money, telling us about jesus and putting a crazy voodoo protection spell over us.. yup it was a perfectly normal day :) I apologize for the delay in Bloggers Spotlight. Hopefully i'll have more to post about after Fashion Night Out is over <3 Thanks for reading!