Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maybe shes born with it? Natural False Lashes!

Hey there!
I have been such a bad blogger. But I've been so busy that i'm usually not even home to blog.
Hopefully that will change soon.

Along with the other two items kkcenterhk sent me this month I also received another pair of false lashes.
This time these are a more natural looking set of lashes with a very thin band.
 These lashes are super flexible and look very natural. Interesting enough for me to say this. They are almost as good as Dolly Wink for me. The light weight natural quality of these is pretty good. I used them in my last circle lenses review and was very pleasured with the quality. Below is photos with and without make up.

If you are looking for natural looking lashes that are not too dramatic and are work appropriate these are perfect! Easy to apply and comfortable. I really love these and plan to post more make up looks with them haha.

I feel like there is so much on my "Want to buy list." Like everyday I add something to it.
Nikon Camera
New Weave
Disneyland Annual Pass
New Boots
New Clothes
Sailor Moon Anything
More Prisila half wigs
The list goes on.... I need to stop adding things and start focusing on more important things in life.. actually a new weave is is a camera...and Disneyland. OKAY POINT IS.
Everything on my list is important and I need them. My 19th birthday is coming up the day after Christmas so i'd at least like to have a new weave in if i can't get everything else. I still need money to buy Christmas gifts ya know ^^

Is there anything on your Shopping list???