Monday, September 26, 2011

GEO Flower Series Review Part 3 FINAL

I know yall are tired of this flower series. I shall move on soon enough.
But for those of you enjoying it I'm glad these were something different for me and I really enjoyed reviewing them. The designs and colors were beautiful and I definitely recommend the carnation series to anyone who is planning to buy from the Flowers Series. You can find the complete series at

My last color is also a color I have never tried/purchased before. Brown!
I have dark brown eyes so I never really saw the point in buying brown lenses, but I've always wondered what I would look like with them on.

Style: Carnation Series
Brand: GEO
Size: Xtra (15.00)
Color: Brown

Without Flash

With Flash!

Basically it just gave my eyes a slightly lighter tint over them that pretty much blends in well with my natural color. While the color doesn't show up well for myself it basically makes my natural eyes look huge which is kinda cool. Like if I was born with 15 diameter eyes! I would totally have x-ray vision...teehee mens locker room~

With and Without lens. Finally! I always forget to take this shot. You can clearly see enlargement.
Ugh I need a better camera!!!

Overall 4.5/5


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