Sunday, October 02, 2011

Universal Studios! Photo post~

Hey everyone!
I have finally found some time to actually blog!

The other day I went on a day trip to Universal Studios with a bunch of people I've never spoken to before.
How exciting right? Well we ended up having to split up in groups of three and since I usually don't get a long with females I hung out with the guys. All three of them were idiots but it was much more fun telling them what to do rather than hanging with catty chicks.

Awww the poor bear is too short to ride!

For those of you who don't know every year around Halloween time Universal Studios turns the park into a horror themed park starting at 7pm. But they leave a lot of their decorations up during the day.

First thing we did was head on over to the Tour! Where you get on a tram and take a quick tour on the "Back   Lot" aka where they film on the TV shows and movies. Its where they have outdoor sets from famous movies and "Sound Proof" sets where they film indoors. Sometimes during the tour they are actually filming a show/movie so the director of the tour kindly ask you to be quiet as we pass by. When I was there they were filming Desperate Housewives!

Gotta get yo 3D glasses for the King Kong Experience~

Below is a very bad shot but if you are a big fan of Back to the Future than you will automatically know where this scene is from! Yup its CITY HALL~
 On the back lot they basically have a mini city. If they are to film a movie meant to take place in New York or wherever; all they need to do is change the signs, add some cars and decorate this area to whatever city they need. Some movies are like Bruce Almighty and Spider~!

Up next is the actual cars from famous movies~! Like The Mummy, Back to the Future, Fast and the Furious

One of the Deloreans!

Below is the set from War of the World. They took an actual plane and tore it apart for this scene to look more realistic. CRAZY!!!! I've seen this set plenty of times and yet it still gives me the chills.
Also they had tons of dead bodies lying around for Halloween Horror night -__-

And of course there is a section of the park dedicated to The Simpsons! They even have a Kwik-E-Mart! Although its just a souvenir shop...sad

Ah remember the donuts from one of my previous post!

Duff Beer was just an Energy Drink!
 Sadly the Squishee machine was just a picture and not actually real v.v... I wish that girl would have gotten out of my photos! I wasn't too fond of her..

 Scooby Doo!!! SO cute~ Shaggy and Daphne was driving the car~ haha

Beetle Juice...a really bad Beetle Juice actually. With one of the guys I had accompany me all day.

And these are all the guys I had accompany me. Although they were all big idiots.. more so than I normally tolerate I had a lot of fun with them.
Our group had tons of fun getting on Jurassic Park and the Mummy twice! Makes me miss going to theme was sad we had to end the day early. Heading back this girl came up to me and told me this guy thought I was cute and wanted my number... UH NO.
1. I was at the park ALL DAY and you didn't speak to me even once. Or introduce himself.
2. You sent someone else to get my number.. couldn't even ask me yourself
3. You're not cute or my type.

Gosh I was so embarrassed FOR HIM hahahaha so sad. Sorry for the super random post today. Trying to get back on track of blogging and my bloggers spotlight. Hopefully next time I'll post something a bit more relevant.