Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SOS! Send Wi-fi!

Hey everyone!
First off HELLO and THANK YOU! To all my new/old followers!
I have not been blogging as usually but i'm very grateful people are still finding my blog interesting enough to stick around.

I actually have no internet at home for the new few days... weeks so unless I go to visit my aunt, my posts will all be delayed.
Long story short. Verizon and DirectTV what me to stab someone ._.
Who ever brings me internet I will have a special batch of warm Cinnamon Roll Pancakes waiting for them. NO LIE!

I have been going INSANE! I feel like internet has become a part of me and when it died so did my soul~
I am currently at my friend's parents house using their internet. Isn't that sad???

So in the mean time if you want to keep updated with me please add me on Twitter

If you just want to ignore me all together that's cool too!
 I will do my best to get a new "real" blog post up soon so hang in their babes <3

Much love