Friday, October 28, 2011

Luna Bowtique Review!

Hi Hi!
Thank you so much for all the comments on my Beauty Social event report~ I can't wait to show you guys more photos of events that happen around LA. Party everyday ya know?

Luna Bowtique is an online accessory shop started by Kanna and Cathy that specializes in handmade bows. They have various fabric choices and styles so there is something for everyone! They contacted me a few weeks ago and sent me a few bows of my choice for a review. I was very excited about doing this post because they sent me one of my most favorite bows from the website.

The bow is 6.5x4.5 inches. An alligator clip is glued to the back as seen in the image above. All of the bows have their clips glued on the back like this. Personally I love big bows but I do not like my clips positioned in the back like that. So they end up laying flat against my head. I prefer the clips to be sitting on the bottom so the bow will sit up right.

So I re-positioned the clip myself to my liking. I feel this way the bow will not press my curls down or mess with the style of my hair. Cause I know if I got my hair to be styled a certain way the last thing I want is for it to be ruined.

I really love the fabric on this bow! Lately I've been having this obsession with dinosaur themed ANYTHING so this would definitely be my favorite of the bows sent to me.

This one definitely is cute! I love the star bracelet that comes with it. I have been wearing it to work all week.

Just a simple cute Halloween themed bow. There was some strands of hot glue you can see on the right side. Easily removable and happens all the time with a glue gun but its still something to watch out for.

Overall 4.5/5
I wish the clips for the big bows were not glued down so they can be positioned where ever you want. However with that being said the bows are super cute and pretty good for being handmade without a sewing machine. I think they just recently got one. If your a big fan of Little Twin Stars you should definitely check out their website because they have several Little Twin Star bows that are adorable.

Make up from the video clip above. Inspired by the Dino Love bow!

I have a couple more reviews coming up and plenty of event posts.

Also my goal for this month: SEE DOLLY! I need to see her. If you gals aren't sure who Miss Dolly is, you will find out. She is the reason for my sanity~ <3 Also hopefully have a Nikon in my hands by the end of this year. LOL not with my shopping habit... but lets see if I can pull it off.