Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The fairest of them all: Princess Soleil!

Hay Ya'll!
So i'm trying to get back on track to blogging, my legit posts can no longer be delayed.

On Saturday 15,2011 I attend a princess party! A friend of mines Anz Falcon threw the perfect party for her little girl Soleil who was turning three years old. The theme was of course Disney Princesses~ How cute! I tagged along with the lovely Hello, Emy!

Below is the birthday girl's cake! Omg Anz's mother decorated the 8 green cakes. Aren't they like perfect?! The details were amazing and the cake was delicious. I was lucky enough to be able to take one home, split it with my own mother and devour it like there was no tomorrow. No shame!

CUTE SIDE STORY: So after Princess Soleil blew out the candle the first time she requested it to the Royal Grandmother that she would like to blow out the candle again. Of course we all agreed to this like any good peasants would. So as they lit the candle again.....no one was really singing. Soleil was appalled by such ignorance of her villagers. So what does she do? She looks at us like we are stupid and starts clapping and singing the birthday song to get us started. Like "Um hello.. why are you peasants not singing?????"
We all chimed in with her seconds later and she was able to claim yet another birthday wish ^^

Isn't she just adorable?!

Stolen from Hello, Emy

Stolen from Hello, Emy
How I spent the majority of my night. Playing Tea Party with the little girls.

The table settings and our tiaras!

So cute! Little cardboard cut-out on the candy. I wish I would have taken more. They were SO CUTE! Muahah I snagged jasmine! :)

Afterwards I went back to Emy's where I quickly played around with her ringlight. Photo credit goes to miss Emy!
Well that is it for today! It was great seeing Emy, Anz, Tricia and getting to meet Princess Soleil, Tthu, Haylee, and Jennifer.

Ah well till next time!